Hu’s US visit shapes new political civilization

The joint statement signed by the presidents of China and the US, setting out a new cooperative partnership, put to rest any fears that new Cold War might break out between China and the US.

Their coexistence has created a geo-political miracle. The next decades will tell whether the competition between China and the US will truly change human history, or if differences will triumph. The joint statement was dismissed by some overseas observers. A Reuters analysis stated that no major breakthrough was achieved by the visit of President Hu Jintao.

This view ignored the fact that China and the US are trying to shape a new political civilization. Dependence on mutual cooperation is leaving behind the traditional zero-sum competition between major powers.

Sino-US relations have gone up and down, but both countries have displayed significant care in their handling. China’s rise has not challenged existing global institutions, and the US is showing a moderate and pragmatic attitude toward a rising power.

The public in both countries do maintain a certain distrust toward each other, but their leaders have correctly advanced bilateral ties in uncertain times, thus  laying a foundation for lasting world peace.

Strong rhetoric, though eye-catching, cannot prevail over the desire of peace and prosperity. Mutual respect and mutual benefits advocated by the joint statement represent the desired true public opinion.

The visit of President Hu Jintao deserves the applause of the world. The message sent has soothed apprehensions in the Asia-Pacific region and ended various speculations. The clearer the stance of China and the US remains, the more stable global development can be. More resources can be devoted toward growth, rather than set aside for nameless fears.

But the cooperative partnership is still subject to change. President Obama said that “the US welcomes China’s rise.” The message has not been widely accepted in the US. The acceptance and judgment of China’s rise in the US will largely decide the direction of Sino-US relations.

Confidence is reciprocal. Mutual trust between China and the US will be built gradually, but firmly.

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