Huge Population of CIA Agents in Ukraine Says German Expert



There is no evidence of Russia’s involvement in the Friday massacre in Odessa, US Ambassador in Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt had to admit Sunday as he spoke by telephone on a CNN program. “We don’t have evidence of the Russian role in the tragedy that transpired on Friday”, Pyatt said, answering the anchor’s downright question on whether Moscow was what’s been widely dubbed as the bloodiest day in the Ukrainian crisis.

US Ambassador to Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt has said earlier today there’s no evidence of Russia’s involvement in the Friday’s massacre in Odessa. Do you think it could be a sign the West starts to reevaluate Russia’s role in the Ukrainian events?

Unfortunately, not. All the news I get is that the Western position is hardening. They are supporting the illegal government in Kiev with all its actions and there is a double-tongued policy when the Yanukovich government tried to restore order, there was a blast from the West side. And now we have in fact fascist groups being incorporated in a so-called anti-terror mission, which is for my feeling a terror mission against the people’s defense forces, for example, in Slavyansk, and Odessa as well.

And that means we have a double-standard policy in the West which is so crazy now because it is very aggressive and the aggression is not only against the Ukrainian people. The aggression is directed against Russia. That must be clear.

Over the weekend it was reported in both the Guardian and the BBC some very interesting language. The language that they used was very ambiguous. They didn’t want to place any blame on actually who was throwing the Molotov cocktails.

In the videos that we can see people were actually shouting some of the neo-Nazi slogans that they are known for and yet according to the BBC nobody knows who actually did it or even better Russians themselves threw the Molotov cocktails into the building and burn themselves up because they were trying to make a point, which I don’t know what point they are trying to make. But it is a very strange phenomenon.

What is your opinion on that?

Spiegel reported on the mass killings in Odessa, which are gruesome, terrible, uncivilized and yet the West is not answering to that challenge, that this was happening in the Labor Union House. Now Spiegel in Germany is the post influential paper and website. They said that was a house, they didn’t say which kind of house. They didn’t say it was a Labor Union House.

Do you think there was any reaction from the Labor Union that in their House the mass murder has been achieved by Nazi forces? No, nothing. So, this is the situation we have.



My feeling is that the West is now trying to push down Russia at a time when they feel, this is not a European story, this is enforced from Washington on Europe, if they kick Russia right now, they might have a better chance that in one year or two years because Russia obviously is developing very well and too well for Washington’s feeling, and what is more, the very good relation between Russia and Europe is something which is in fact adverse to present Washington interests. And that is a very dangerous situation.

Now they are creating this kind of bloodletting in Ukraine. They try to blame it on Russia and the problem with Russia is that in this kind of fighting, Russia is not strong enough in the media.

Fortunately we have RIA Novosti, fortunately we have Voice of Russia. Fortunately we do have Russia Today but that is not enough to tell the people who are definitely completely misinformed by our media on the real situation in Ukraine, to wake them up and make them withdraw their political support of these warmongers sitting in Berlin, Paris and London today and of course mainly in Washington. That is the danger of the situation and that is how I interpret this kind of complete mispresentations of news happening in Ukraine.

Yesterday, Germany’s Bild newspaper reported that US CIA and FBI agents are consulting Kiev authorities on its crackdown on pro-autonomy activists in eastern Ukraine. What do you make of it? Do you think it could really be the case?

We have very credible news that the foreign Maidan story a few weeks ago was in fact directed from the US Embassy and for insiders in politics this is not news at all. This is very boring. People are making jokes why there is no revolution in the US and no regime change. The reason is very simple, there is no American Embassy in the US. What we see here is Maidan leaders were staying for hours each and every day in the US Embassy.

There is a huge population of CIA agents right now busy in Ukraine and the problem is again that in all these things that happened Washington is accusing Russia of having agents in Ukraine while it is the other way around. So, my interpretation of this is we have in fact a pre-running media war with lying against Russia and this is just a cover-up for a kind of economic war that is going on.

They are pushing down the ruble, they are pushing down the important economic activities, they are trying to hurt Russia financially, economically, and that is all we can do very efficiently from the Western side to push down Russia because that is what we are talking about and that is being done already. So, they are getting more bloodletting in Ukraine through the agents, through spending more money.

McCain has just called yesterday for 100 million dollars military aid and be sure this is not for the defense of Ukraine against anybody coming from outside. This is in fact meant to foster civil war in the Ukraine against their own population. We had The New York Times reporting that in Slavyansk where the mass killings started, there is no Russians inside peoples’ defense force. So, what else do we need?


Global Research, May 06, 2014

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