Huang Guangyu participated in bidding the retired British aircraft carrier

In the evening of July 11, Gome official told reporter that Huang Guangyu, Chairman of China’s largest electric products supermarket—-Gome Company, is bidding for the British retired aircraft carrier “Ark Royal.” 

Zhao Qiguang, who is responsible for this bidding, said: “The Company is preparing for high-end club which will drew elites from different areas together. Bidding the retired aircraft carrier is an attempt to expand demand, if the bid are successful, we plans to converted aircraft carrier into the world’s largest high-end club to serve our top members” 

There are also several other companies involved in these bid, whether Huang would successfully purchase the aircraft carrier remains to be seen. According to the auction plan, the result will be announced in mid-July. 


 21st Century Business Herald 

Translated and edited by Peng Bo. He is now an editor of Write to him at

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