How Dare Iran! Don’t They Know They “Fired” at Aircraft of Divinely Mandated Most Exceptional Nation Ever?

I predict this will become the latest steaming pile of neocon warmonger outrage over nada.

   Two Iranian Su-25 fighter jets fired on an unarmed U.S. Air Force Predator drone in the Persian Gulf last week, CNN has learned. 

   The incident raises fresh concerns within the Obama administration about Iranian military aggression in crucial Gulf oil shipping lanes. 

   The drone was in international airspace east of Kuwait, U.S. officials said, adding it was engaged in routine maritime surveillance. 

   …The drone’s still and video cameras captured the incident showing two SU-25s approaching the Predator and firing its onboard guns. 

   The Iranian pilots continued to fire shots that went beneath the Predator but were never successful in hitting it, according to the officials. 

   U.S. military intelligence analysts are still not sure if the Iranian pilots simply were unable to hit the drone due to lack of combat skill, or whether      they deliberately were missing and had no intention of bringing down the drone. But as one of the officials said, “it doesn’t matter, they fired on           us.” 

How dare they! Don’t those pesky Iranians know that they were firing at an aircraft of the Divienely Mandated Most Exceptional Nation Ever?

Firing warning shots, from ground-attack aircraft, at an unmanned drone “conducting surveillance”. Surveillance of who and what, exactly? Iranian shipping, Iranian military vessels? The story doesn’t say.

As I say, nothing here but an excuse for some outrage.


Steve Hynd,


This article was originally posted at The Agonist

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