Hong Kong to open trade office in Taiwan this year

The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) announced on Monday that a Hong Kong multi-functional office was to open in Taiwan within this year to promote long-term cooperation and exchange with the island.

The Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau said the formal setting up of the Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office in Taiwan showed the development of Hong Kong-Taiwan relations has entered a new phase.

The SAR government will seek funding approval from the Legislative Council soon.

The office’s functions will be similar to those of Hong Kong’s Economic and Trade Offices on the mainland, such as facilitating trade between Hong Kong and Taiwan, investment promotion and enhancing cultural exchange, said the Bureau.

It will also provide assistance to Hong Kong residents in Taiwan, and assist in handling matters relating to entry applications from Taiwan residents.

With the establishment of a Hong Kong multi-functional office in Taiwan and in the spirit of reciprocity, Hong Kong’s government also agreed that the Chung Hwa Travel Service can change its name to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office from July 15.


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