HK entertainers to raise fund for Japan quake victims

It’s been confirmed that Hong Kong artists will hold a three-hour charity concert titled “311 Love beyond Borders” to raise funds for victims of Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami.

Veteran actor and variety show host Eric Tsang announced the concert date. “We have decided to hold a candlelight vigil on April 1 for the victims in Japan to express our voice and show support from Hong Kong residents and artists. Wish they will be fine.”

Japan earthquake victims

As always, kung-fu superstar Jackie Chan will be heading the charity fundraiser. He said he had to do something to help.

“Mother nature is really powerful. I’m worried about the people in Japan. Tsunami hit after the earthquake, and now we know the nuclear crisis. Again, again and again, disasters struck. I called my office in Japan and they said they were fine but there were no biscuits or bottled waters in the supermarkets. They had nothing to eat.”

Chan revealed that the theme song for the concert is called “Succumb Not to Sorrow”. It is based on an inspirational Japanese poem, and it will be performed in both Chinese and Japanese.

The message of the song is clear and simple. “You will not be alone. We will all be by your side.”


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