Hillary Clinton’s theater of the absurd and sinister on new colonialism in Africa

The US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is now competing successfully with President Barack Obama in grotesque and mind-traumatizing utterings that are so diametrically the opposite of historical facts and truth that even the most shameless conmen and conwomen would find their tongues tied up and voices dried up in excreting these.  Recently in Zambia and Tanzania, she exhibited remarkable courage by engaging in some of these, warning Africans about the dangers of Chinese colonialism, in relation to Chinese investments in Africa.  She also claimed that Chinese investments were befitting the elites, while American investments benefit the people!  All this at a time when the US is engaged in three big wars of aggression, occupation, colonialism, neo-colonialism, and plunder and robbery of energy and other resources in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, the latter being a part of Africa and African Union!


It is not necessary to reproduce here the details of the long history of innumerable invasions; occupations; imposition of anti-justice, anti-democratic, and anti-people capitalist dictatorships; plunder and robbery of other countries’ territories, resources, and wealth; colonialism; neo-colonialism; and imperialism by the US, throughout its sinister history.  These have been well-documented by numerous authoritative authors and sources, and can be found easily by Internet and other searches.  One must also never forget that the country now called the United States of America was stolen and robbed from its original inhabitants, who were mercilessly slaughtered in one of the worst genocides in history, and were replaced by the forefathers of present-day White Americans, one of whose descendants is Mrs. Clinton. 

US continues to be the biggest investor in rest of the world.  Its imperialist and neo-colonialist foreign policy and actions are centered around these investments, which have caused immeasurable sufferings, repressions, oppressions, impoverishment, and deprivations, through wars and proxy wars, subversions, imposition of capitalist dictatorships and other client regimes etc., affecting billions of human beings throughout the world.  In the Vietnam War alone, it slaughtered 3 million Vietnamese.  In Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan also, the slaughter has reached 3 million now, not to mention the various other forms of devastation suffered by rest of the populations.  In Libya too, in association with NATO, it is causing the deaths and injuries of incomparably more Libyans than  would have occurred in the absence of its military intervention.  The civil war would have ended there by now, as the rebels-instigated and directed by the US, British, and French intelligence and other establishments-had no chance against the Libyan armed forces, on their own, and would have been crushed by them within a few weeks.  In that scenario, incomparably less casualties and destruction would have occurred than is taking place currently, as a result of US and NATO warfare, under the guise of “No Fly Zone” and “Protecting Civilian Lives”.  The demonic big lie and hypocrisy involved here is a reversion to “White Man’s Burden” of the past.

This author wrote a detailed analysis of the Libyan Crisis that can be read on the following web link:  http://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2011/03/27/gadhafi-libya-counter-revolution-and-the-pack-of-imperialist-hyenas-by-fazal-rahman-ph-d/

As a result of the phenomenal growth and development of Chinese economy, China has been able to invest large amounts in various parts of the world, including Africa.  It has also replaced the US as the biggest trading partner in some economically important countries, like Brazil.  In doing so, it is doing nothing different than what the Europeans and Americans have been doing for centuries.  What is different is that the Chinese investments are not accompanied by any political interference, wars, regime changes, invasions, or occupations, which have been the hallmarks of American and European investments.  Moreover, these are offered on more generous and beneficial terms to the recipient countries than those of the US and Europe.

After the Second World War, most European countries switched to non-militarist forms of neo-colonialism in the Third World.  However, the US continued to pursue a most aggressive, interventionist, and militarist form of neo-colonialism, which transformed into direct occupation and colonialism in Afghanistan and Iraq and is advancing along the same lines in Libya.  Many European countries have also joined it in this new era of imperialism and have reverted back to its older forms in these countries.

The official, as well as much of the unofficial, political discourse in the US has been, and continues to be, the greatest theater of the absurd and sinister on the world stage.  Mrs. Clinton, Obama, and others in the current administration are the latest actors and actresses on that stage.  LAANAT on those who see and hear them on that stage, applaud them, act respectfully, and let them get away, with impunity and reinforcement (LAANAT is an Arabic word that is much stronger than shame and includes shame, curse, and punishment in its meanings).  The advice of Spanish philosopher Miguel de Unamuno comes to mind, in regard to hopelessly reified, money-intoxicated, and evilized beings.  He had advised people not to waste time in listening to or arguing with such beings, but to spit on them and throw rocks and spears at them. 

When one’s house is made of fragile glass, nothing is more foolish than to throw stones at others’ houses.  However, intoxicated with imperialist delusions, the American political and other leaders have been doing that for a very long time now.  So far, only a few small pebbles have been thrown back at them, and even those have caused enormous damages.  What if someone decides to throw big rocks at them?  Indeed, they themselves are now throwing rocks at their own glass house, which is already cracking and shattering.      

By Dr. Fazal Rahman

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