HELP! Australia Is Disappearing! And a Pravda's Open Letter to Tony Abbott

imp_tailor“You’ve become too big for your breeches, Sir!”

bombing IraqAmerican democracy has many faces (all of them ugly)!


I sent this urgent message to the world although, by the time you get it, Australia may well have vanished from Planet Earth.

Yes, the island country that is/was known for its sporting prowess, its embrace of the FAIR-GO principle, its easy-going, laid-back lifestyle, its wonderful beaches and pathetic politicians, its bright and breezy philosophy of life and love of cask wine, etc. is fast disappearing.

You can tell it by the mood in the Newspapers some of which have written editorials telling Putin not to come to the G-20 meeting in November which Australia is hosting.

So not only is our Prime Minister threatening to grab Putin’s shirt and throw him to the ground but now the MSM in Australia has gone one step further and is telling Putin not to come at all.

Friends, in terms of military power, Russia is a bull elephant and Australia is a microbe and a very tiny one at that.

Australia’s cheek and temerity comes from hiding behind the Brain-dead, Greed-driven Colossus of the U.S.A., a nation which has bankrupted itself several times over trying to pump its Armies up and up till they reach the sky.

The truth is that, left to its own devices, Australia couldn’t defeat a colony of breeding penguins, I kid you not. We can’t even stop Japan catching whales in our waters. We can’t even stop refugees from reaching our shores. We can’t even elect a decent Government or pick an intelligent Prime Minister.

And it seems we can’t stop the U.S. from taking over our country and using it as an American military/spy base, one of hundreds.

Look, I know there is an Ebola plague and trouble in Ukraine and Wall Street is experiencing gyrations of amazing height and velocity but Australia needs help desperately to preserve what’s left of our culture from the ravages of the American Imperium with its twin-towers of Predatory Capitalism and Endless War.


By Dennis M.

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THE following is the full text of Pravda’s open letter to Tony Abbott

SO, Australian Prime Minister wants to shirt-front Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, does he? It is difficult to find a more blatant example of childishness, incompetence for the position, criminal intent, downright nastiness and an indication of a disturbed mind crying out for therapy. Don’t the Australian people deserve better?

Dear Mr. Abbott,

After your reckless remarks and unfounded, slanderous insinuations about Russia shooting down a civilian aircraft and murdering Australian civilians we now have apparently a statement attributed to you by the media of your country about intending to “shirt-front” President Putin on his visit to Brisbane in November for the G-20 Summit.

Perhaps, as someone who was not born in Australia, you do not have a full grasp as to the implications of the word you used, or perhaps, as someone who is so obviously challenged in the intellectual area, you do not have a full grasp over what you say. There are three possibilities here, which I would like to address.

Firstly, you knew the meaning of the word “shirt-fronting” very well when you chose it and in this case, if you seriously think you can physically confront your guests and assault a visiting Head of State and walk away freely, then you are mistaken.

For a start, the very use of the expression possibly renders you liable for prosecution for criminal intent and incitement to violence and in any civilized country you would be forced to resign for using it. Like yesterday.

Next, while I do not speak for President Putin, if someone “shirt-fronted” me, then I would throw the perpetrator over my shoulder, slam him onto his back on the floor behind me, place my boot on his face and ask “What was that you were saying?” before I saw him scurry away sniveling to his sister’s for a clean pair of Y-fronts.

The second possibility is that by “shirt-fronting” you meant “confronting”, in which case in your position you should learn the implications of your words, because threatening a visiting Head of State is perhaps the most crass example of stupidity the world has seen since the USA, the UK and Australia murdered Iraqi civilians in an illegal and criminal series of war crimes, quite apart from being the most blatant case of irresponsibility demonstrated by any Australian since the slaughter of the Aborigines.

The third possibility is that you are full of hot air, or in plain English, piss and wind, and what you say, the promises you make, can be taken with a pinch of salt. Here today and gone tomorrow. The sort of “man” who feels the need to make teenage-type comments and threats against a visiting Head of State belongs in a grade school playground bullying the primary school kids…but like any bully, there comes a day when you pick on the wrong person, get your teeth smashed in and go running home to mummy blabbering like a ninny. Do I hear a collective cheer from the Australians as they read this?

So Mr. Abbott, if you hadn’t made your puerile comments about President Putin and Russia, you wouldn’t be defending yourself in one of the largest uproars in recent Australian politics. A civilized politician in a civilized country would wait for the results of the enquiry into the plane crash before mouthing off in all directions saying Russia did it.

Mr. Abbott, I invite you to put up, or shut up. Where is the evidence that Russia did it? I said, where is the evidence that Russia did it? Stop fidgeting, stop playing with Willy and answer the Goddam question. Where is your evidence that Russia downed the aircraft? If you haven’t got anything other than hearsay to go on, then you have yet again made a prize orifice of yourself in public, have you not?

So when you confront President Putin with that line about Russians murdering Australians, the answer will be keep your slanderous comments to yourself and mind your own business, especially after your country took part in the illegal and murderous campaign in Iraq. How many civilians did Australian forces murder or torture over there? When you confront President Putin about Russians murdering Australians, ready yourself for a law suit over slander.

Russia, like every other member of the international community, deplores the death of civilians, whether they are Malaysians, Australians, Dutch or whatever and like everyone else called for a full enquiry. It is not yet clear even whether the aircraft was downed by a surface-to-air missile, an air-to-air missile or machine-gun fire from a Ukrainian Su-25, so wait for the enquiry before making your odious accusations and sounding like a foul-mouthed, despicable, pith-headed and uncouth, loutish oaf.

Mr. Abbott, what is wrong with this world is people like yourself, political opportunists who hold their people and country to ransom while they obediently kowtow to the lobbies which pull their strings. President Putin’s popularity ratings are up above 90 per cent, that is ninety per cent. What are yours?

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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