America’s Military Expansion Funded by Foreign Central Banks

Large amounts of surplus dollars are pouring into the rest of the world.Central banks have recycled these dollar inflows towards the purchase of U.S. Treasury bonds, which serve to finance the federal U.S. budget deficit. Underlying this process is the military character of the U.S. payments deficit and the domestic federal budget deficit. Strange as it may seem and irrational as it would be in a more logical system of world diplomacy, the “dollar glut” is what finances America’s global military build-up. It forces foreign central banks to bear the costs of America’s expanding military empire: effective “taxation without representation”.

Detained: Ai Weiwei, Con Artist

… suspected that some Caochangdi galleries were used as a conduit for European and American intelligence funding for protests, including the failed Jasmine Revolution on Wangfujin shopping avenue. U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman’s covert presence at the first protest with a pair of Marine bodyguards, caught on video by April Media, was followed by his Shanghai speech calling for the release of Ai Weiwei and Liu Xiaobo. This sort of interventionist foreign “solidarity” does nothing to dispel suspicions or disprove accusations. It seems that his sponsors in the United States, Netherlands and Germany are intent on pushing Ai Weiwei onto the gallows as a sacrificial victim. They don’t have to push hard.


No mention in either the headline or the lead paragraph that Israeli forces killed a total of 14 people in the past 24 hours, including a mother, her daughter (injured another of her children), and an elderly man, and that they injured dozens of others. AP fails to report that numerous international investigations have found evidence indicating that Israel has often targeted civilians. AP fails to mention that during the same period Israeli forces have killed thousands of Gazans, including numerous children. There is no mention that a high proportion of Gaza’s residents are refugees ethnically cleansed by Israel in its 1948 war to create a Jewish-only state.

The West’s Uranium Wars Against Libya

Unknown to most of the world, the long-planned campaign against Libya is based on a more fundamental strategic concern. In the language of geopolitics, the term “strategic” is synonymous with nuclear weaponry. The Western powers are now fighting the Second Uranium War against forces loyal to Col Muammar Qadhafi.

Is Japan’s Elite Hiding a Weapons Program Inside Nuclear Plants?

The smoke and mirrors at Fukushima 1 seem to obscure a steady purpose, an iron will and a grim task unknown to outsiders. The most logical explanation: The nuclear industry and government agencies are scrambling to prevent the discovery of atomic-bomb research facilities hidden inside Japan’s civilian nuclear power plants.

A secret nuclear weapons program is a ghost in the machine, detectable only when the system of information control momentarily lapses or breaks down. A close look must be taken at the gap between the official account and unexpected events.

Chomsky: Libya and the World of Oil

The world of oil provides useful guidance for western reactions to the remarkable democracy uprisings in the Arab world. An oil-rich dictator who is a reliable client is granted virtual free rein. There was little reaction when Saudi Arabia declared on March 5, “Laws and regulations in the Kingdom totally prohibit all kinds of demonstrations, marches and sit-in protests as well as calling for them as they go against the principles of Shariah and Saudi customs and traditions.” The kingdom mobilized huge security forces that rigorously enforced the ban.

UN Security Council March 17 Meeting to Authorize Bombing of Libya all Smoke and Mirrors

The false narrative they conjured up was that their military action was for the protection of unarmed civilians who were peacefully protesting for their rights. What is happening in Libya, however, is an armed insurrection against the government. The insurrection is being led by former Libyan government officials who defected and joined with other opposition forces. The Security Council resolution was crafted to provide foreign military intervention to aid this armed insurrection by attacking the military forces of the Libyan government along with other sites and installations.

Allowing US military invasion in another sovereign nation: Moral bankruptcy

For the world including those four BRIC nations seem helplessly failed to stop US/NATO’s another immoral, hypocritical, and most importantly “criminal” military operation against Libya. Those three so-called “allies” who are to carry out so-called another UN resolution to impose another “no-fly zone” against another sovereign nation are US (present “Global Empire”), Britain (former “British Empire”) and France (another former Western empire).

Libya invasion: America tells more lies

The first lie President Obama told the world came on Monday as he addressed his nation. He said NATO is taking over command from the US in Libya and that US action is limited to defending civilians who are under attack by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi.

But the fact is that transferring command to NATO makes no difference. NATO is dominated militarily and politically by the US, thus, the US still commands the destruction of Libya and is still involved in killing civilians with the missiles that are being dropped over the country. America, historically has never allowed its forces to operate in a foreign land under a foreign command – and this will not happen in Libya.