Guo meimei’s boyfriend exposure

Guo Meimei’s boyfriend is Wang Jun, who was the former director of Zhonghong Boai Company, Weng Tao, the legal representative and chief executive officer of Zhonghong Boai Asset Managenment Limited Company affiliated to the commercial Red Cross, told Beijing News yesterday. Wang Jun has resigned from the Board of Directors after Guo Meimei’s showing off their wealth.

Weng Tao said that Zhonghong Boai Company is the investor of Community fraternity Service Station. They don’t seek high profits but distribute the earnings per share.

Yesterday, Weng Tao said on his microblog that”according to Wang Jun, she is his new girlfriend.”

Previously, some cyber-friends exposed that Guo Meimei owned a Lamborghini in Shenzhen under Wang’s name.

Guo Meimei appered in Captial Airport, flew from Shenzhen in 26 June.

Source: Beijing News

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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