Government Shutdown? Duh, We Could Run Government with Debt-free Money



The 1% leaders of US government, finance/banking, and media are asset-hole lying sacks of spin because none inform the 99% of obvious solutions: including government directly paying for all public goods and services with debt-free money created by government (and here).

Several models (and here) of cost-free government are known, beginning with Benjamin Franklin’s pamphlet on colonial Pennsylvania operating its government without taxes to Thomas Edison explaining debt-free money with Henry Ford in a 1921 summer media tour.

In fact, government could (and should) be the employer of last resort for infrastructure (hard – like roads, and soft – like health care, education).

Such a structure would provide full-employment, the best infrastructure we can imagine, and falling prices because infrastructure creates more economic output than the infrastructure investment cost (documentation hereherehere).

Want these solutions realized?

Then you’ll need to think, speak, and act for arrests of the 1% OBVIOUS War Criminals and banksters, or YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANYTHING BUT MORE WAR, FEAR/HATE-MONGERING AND LIES.

History shows you this.

Learn it or repeat it.

With all respect: duh.


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