Goose Stepping Germany Is the Laughing Stock of the World

The problem for Germany is the same problem we have in the Netherlands, in Canada and in countless other countries that have become American vassals.

Thank God the great Franz Beckenbauer will not live to see the depths to which his native Germany is falling in football, as well in everything else. Beckenbauer, followers of the beautiful game will recall, marked England’s Bobby Charlton, then regarded as the world’s greatest player, out of the 1966 World Cup Final, which England controversially won and where the great Beckenbauer chivalrously accepted his nation’s defeat.

Beckenbauer was only a child when Germany first won the World Cup in 1954, having to contend with the vilest racism against them by the sore losers of England’s gutter press on the way. However, as the German team put the great and much fancied Hungarian team to the sword in 1954, other Germans were putting the building blocks of Germany’s post-War resurrection into place.

Those building blocks included such things as channelling national fervour into such relatively harmless pursuits as football and keeping both interest rates and inflation low, as discontent from Weimar’s hyperinflation was the ladder Herr Hitler and his many friends used to ascend to power.

Internally, there would be a corporate consensus where differences between employer and employee, consumer and producer, farmer and city dweller would be made by negotiation and bargaining, not by the type of violent fireworks one often associates with France.

Externally, both France and Germany had to embrace defeat and, especially in Germany’s case, the carrot of the Marshall Plan as well as the ongoing stick of the American military occupation, which continues to this day. Compared to freezing your nuts off at Stalingrad or being sunk whilst manning a U Boat, it wasn’t a bad deal and Germany made the best of it and of the European Economic Community, which it founded with France and some others, including the Netherlands and Luxembourg, which had the biggest per capita fatality rate of World War Two.

The basic division of managerial labour in the EEC was that France, with the likes of De Gaulle at the helm, would be its political voice and Germany would be its economic engine. All of that worked well when the Yanks needed both satrapies to act as bulwarks against the Soviet Union and its Red Army. Fast forward to today and Germany is one big farce.

First off, let’s take Germany’s promise to intervene as a third party at the International Court of Justice to protect Israel against South Africa’s slam dunk charge that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza.

Although, given certain events Germans were implicated in from 1939 to 1945, the wags have had a great time scoffing at Germany over that, Germany’s bumbling intervention presumes the top notch barristers Israel has retained are not quite up to the task and that they need a troupe of tutu clad dancing German elephants to help them out.

As that is not the case, Germany should just sit down and shut up.

No less a figure than His Excellency, Hage Gottfried Geingob, President of Namibia, formerly South West Africa, has told them to do precisely that, not least because Namibia, then known as South West Africa, was the scene of the modern world’s first genocide, committed by none other than Germany.

Before leaving both South Africa and South West Africa behind us, we should note that their own intervention in The Hague on behalf of the Palestinians is a very important step in sub-Saharan Africa’s long march to being a world player as, in the Palestinian case at least, both South Africa and South West Africa are each standing on two legs, not the four that lately seems to be Germany’s preferred position.

Moving on to Israel and Palestine, we need only note that Germany has armed and financed the former and thrown crumbs and crass insults at the latter. Which is probably a tad better than what they have in store for the Houthi who, whatever their other faults, vehemently disagree with slaughtering Palestinian children.

The Germans are sending the F-124 Hessen frigate to the Red Sea to help the Americans and their British lackeys kill the impoverished Yemeni.

Although the German Chancellor’s Office has stated that “the international community” must keep the Red Sea open, the Americans and the British are not only not “the international community” but their attacks on Yemen are illegal, according to the laws and norms of “the international community” on whose behalf Germany professes to wage war.

The Sachsen class F-124 Hessen frigate is equipped with a reconnaissance radar capable of simultaneously detecting up to 1,000 targets, air defence missiles, and attack helicopters. It also carries anti-ship Harpoon missiles and torpedoes. As an aside, one wonders what Zelensky would have got for it on the black market, had Germany gifted it to him and his fellow shysters.

And then we have Germany’s ongoing funding of Zelensky’s failed Reich which has seen up to a million fatalities for no other reason than to enrich American arms’ suppliers and their local Ukrainian and other collaborators.

And, though Zelensky and his cronies could rationally argue that they enriched themselves by sacrificing hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians for a threadbare pipe dream, Germany can make no similar boast.

Germany has not only destroyed the foundations on which her post-War prosperity was built but has gone so far as to allow the United States and its Norwegian Quislings to blow up its pipelines, and thereby end the era of cheap energy Germany’s economic miracle was built on.

In Ukraine, it has thrown its equivalent of the kitchen sink at Russia’s rings of steel, only to see that kitchen sink boomerang backwards and cut it off at its knees.

America’s Trojan horses of Poland, Lithuania and other Baltic joke countries now make the political running in the European Union and Germany is told to shut up and pay up. God knows what Beckenbauer and Bismarck would make of this farce.

However, the spirit of Beckenbauer and Bismarck is not yet dead as not all Germans are buying into this bullshit. German farmers and truckers, for one, are protesting, helped by gallant allies from Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Holland.

Like Germany’s own mittelstand, those small companies that helped form the spine of German industry, these truckers and farmers are both independent-minded and resourceful and, as with the Canadian truckers, they do not want not be under the jackboot of a Trudeau, a von der Leyen or a no less contemptible Scholz.

Twin tracked to these independent minded Germans is the rise of the “far right” Alternative for Germany (AfD), who are currently polling at almost 24%. And, though NATO’s media scream that their rise will mean the return of Hitler, rather than Beckenbauer or Bismarck, that is not quite the case.

Most Germans are more interested in beer and Beckenbauer, in hiking and baking, than they are in goose stepping into Yemen or in helping Israel weave its lies.

The problem for Germany is the same problem we have in the Netherlands, in Canada and in countless other countries that have become American vassals. The problem is, as Donald Trump put it, how to drain the swamp and keep it drained without any of NATO’s invasive species, such as Germany’s war-mongering Green Party, further fucking it up.

Though Germany’s halcyon days of beer and Beckenbauer are gone, alas, like our youth too soon, we owe it to ourselves and to others to build back better, to craft some sensible way forward out of NATO’s morass that does not entail collaborating with or yielding power to those who murder children in Gaza, Donbass or Yemen.

Germany will have elections to the European Union’s talking shop on June 9th, and to its own equally emasculated Bundestag in 2025. Whoever wins, let’s hope the Greens and Sсholz’s Social Democratic psychopaths are amongst the biggest losers so that Germany, and all of Europe, might start to write a newer, brighter and more civilised chapter than the obituary NATO and its European Union front group are currently drafting for them.


By Declan Hayes

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