Glimmer of hope toddler can recover from partial paralysis after high-rise fall

A toddler who miraculously survived a fall from her 10th-floor home in east China’s Zhejiang Province is recovering quickly and can even sing some songs since she woke from a coma Tuesday, according to her mother Saturday.

The two-year-old girl, nicknamed Niu Niu, had been unconscious after she fell out the window of her home near Hangzhou on July 2.

“Niu Niu can sing some nursery rhymes now. She has sung four songs to me,” the excited mother said in tears.

After Niu Niu was sent to the intensive care unit (ICU) in Zhejiang Provincial Children’s Hospital, her mother tried to wake her by singing several of her favorite songs.

“That Niu Niu can remember so many songs indicates her brain functions are recovering well,” said the mother.

“Yesterday Niu Niu drank 10 milliliters of milk after two weeks of not eating,” said Niu Niu’s father.

At present, Niu Niu is in a relatively stable condition. Her neurological score has reached 13, approaching the normal standard of 15, said Zhang Chenmei, Niu Niu’s visiting doctor.

“But there are still some problems with her left limbs,” Zhang added.

There’s a glimmer of hope that she will recover from the partial paralysis to the left hand side of her body, according to the doctor.

Source: Xinhua

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