General Armageddon Makes Way

Russia’s decision to replace General Armageddon with the even more formidable General Valery Gerasimov, should be a cause of concern for Clown Prince Zelensky and his over-dressed wife.

Russia’s decision to replace General Armageddon with the even more formidable General Valery Gerasimov, currently head of the Russian General Staff, should be a cause of concern for Clown Prince Zelensky and his over-dressed wife. Not that Army General Sergey Surovikin has gone away.

Far from it; as General Armageddon will carry on as one of General Gerasimov’s deputies, that is further bad news for Zelensky and his entire cabinet of crooks.

Zelensky needn’t take my word or Russia’s for it. He need only ask Valery Zaluzhny, Kiev’s top commander, who is on record as telling NATO’s Time magazine that he had “learned from Gerasimov” and that Gerasimov “is the smartest of men, and my expectations of him were enormous.”

But this is not a matter of the Ukrainian apprentice out shining the Russian grand master, of Patton thinking he can beat Rommel because he read the under-resourced and over-stretched Rommel’s works. This is Zaluzhny and what remains of his rump army trying to stop the Russian tide. They cannot prevail. It is impossible.

The Wagner Group, which fits as easily into the Gerasimov doctrine as a glove does into a hand, has captured Soledar and thereby opened the way for the imminent liberation of Bakhmut and the collapse of Zaluhny’s entire Donetsk front. General Armageddon’s relentless campaign has left much of Ukraine powerless and on the ropes.

And now into the ring climbs General Gerasimov, whose forte is tying all of Russia’s disparate strings together, much as a conductor might do with an orchestra, knowing that the brass and percussion sections, Russia’s air force in particular, are in General Armageddon’s capable hands.

General Gerasimov’s arrival means that Zelensky’s rump Reich now has the full attention of the Russian authorities in a way their worst nightmares could not have imagined. His arrival will mean that, as Russia’s defense ministry gently puts it, there will be “closer coordination between various services and branches of the armed forces”.

Zelensky best batten down the hatches as bad news is coming his rump Reich’s way and he is very much in the eye of the storm.

The much touted Gerasimov doctrine, as far as I understand it, entails a sort of total war where Russia would bring all its hard and soft power, as needed, to bear to win the war.

If we take the Vietnam War as our template, Russia would not make the Americans’ mistake of setting up puppet governments lacking sufficient popular support and nor would it make the Vietcong’s Tet mistake, which was a major Vietnamese propaganda victory but a military disaster as they fought the Americans out in the open in a Cold War type slug fest, which was the only war the Americans had been properly trained to fight.

The heroic Syrian Arab Army had made not dissimilar mistakes when it was originally on the back foot against NATO’s proxies.

Prior to Iran and Russia lending their expertise, it was fighting a war it had not been trained to fight and it was only when the gallant fighters of Hezbollah, with their own considerable expertise, secured the Qalamoun Hills that the Syrian Army could advance.

And, as for Iran, God knows what more devilish drones they have up their collective sleeves to give to General Gerasimov, as he finishes off Zelensky’s revamped Reich.

Gerasimov has not only learned from all of that but he has the full, unequivocal and active support of the Russian authorities and some very capable deputies as well. His appointment shows that Russia is now all in, that Gerasimov will return to Russia either with his shield or on his shield.

But, as Ukraine has now picked a fight with all of Russia, neither of those scenarios bode well for Ukraine’s General Valery Zaluzhny and the despicable gangsters his soldiers are sacrificing their young lives for.

Zaluzhny’s immediate job now is to stop studying Gerasimov and save what can be saved. First off, Zelensky and his coked up cronies have to go. Secondly, Ukraine’s western areas have to be ceded to Romania and Poland, who might be able to afford them and, thirdly, Ukrainian troops must be evacuated from the east so as to save their lives.

And last but certainly not least, the Ukrainians must get themselves a new library and, whatever about Gerasimov’s collected works, if they really must burn books, they should dispose of all those NATO publications, which glorified their Nazi past and which lied of glorious days to come, even as Zelensky and his fellow crooks got their brothers, sons and husbands to die in lemming like numbers over the last twelve months for nothing more than endless rosaries of newly dug graveyards for their loved ones.

NATO’s media, The Guardian and Al Jazeera amongst them are, bizarrely, putting a different spin on all of this and declaring that Surovikin is being substituted because of battlefield losses and setbacks.

But this is not some harmless game of football where the Russian manager swaps players in the hope of getting a winning combination. This is, again, very bad news for Zelensky and his entire cabinet of crooks.

He doesn’t have to take my word or Russia’s for it. He need only ask Valery Zaluzhny, Kiev’s top commander who, along with what remains of his men, is going to discover that not only is Gerasimov “the smartest of men” but that he has overwhelming superiority in men and materiel and, as NATO readily admit, a winning military doctrine as well.

Zaluhny doesn’t have to be a Clausewitz to see that Gerasimov’s pending ground campaign, with his highly mechanized 600,000 strong ground force, supported by General Armageddon’s air campaign, the Wagner Group, the Chechens and whatever fleets of Russian ships are lurking in the Black Sea means this needless war can now only have one possible outcome.

Nor does he have to be like Hitler’s embattled Field Marshall Walter Model, who dissolved his Army Group B before blowing his own brains out with nothing and no one for company.besides swarms of midges, Colonel Theodor Pilling, his adjutant, and the mad rantings of Adolf Hitler crackling over the wireless ordering him to fight to the last man.

The war is over. Zaluzhny should now accept that, round up the Zelenskys, their fellow gangsters, their foreign mercenaries and their Nazi enforcers and then, for the sake of his men and their families, sue for peace on whatever terms with Gerasimov, Lavrov and Putin. There is no other alternative.


By Declan Hayes

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