Funeral Homes Sounding the Alarm – Massive Increase in Deaths

It’s so bad that they are running out of storage space.

This is not good at all, Norwegian funeral homes are now warning about a massive increase in the number of dead people that they are seeing.

In fact, things are so bad that the largest funeral home in the city of Trondheim has been forced to open up a crisis cold room in a garage to be able to store all the dead people, something that is reserved only for emergency situations, such as a massive disaster or accident.

They report a whopping 30% increase in deaths at during the last year, and they say it has been especially bad the last few months.

”We haven’t since such an increase since the firm started in 1922” – says Lars Svanholm, CEO at the funeral home.

So they have been around for 100 years and they have never seen things this bad before. What could possibly be causing this?

And they are not the only funeral homes having this problem.

They say that others have also seen an increase of between 10% to 30% in the number of deaths.

This is causing a large backlog, meaning that people have to wait 15-20 days for a funeral as churches are fully booked up.


It is no wonder that the funeral homes are struggling, because there has been a very high excess death rate.

In Norway, excess mortality has been 10% higher than normal. This is worse than during the pandemic!

Not long ago, Norwegian doctors also sounded the alarm on a mysterious rise in patients. People are dying and nobody seems to know why.

I did some investigation a few months ago and found that there has been a large increase in deaths from a certain health problem. Paid subscribers can read the whole article here:

The Freedom Corner with PeterSweden
Doctors sounding the alarm – Mysterious rise in excess deaths…
Something weird is happening and it is not being covered by the mainstream media. A large number of people are dying and doctors don’t know why. They do know one thing. It is not only happening in one country. It is happening in many countries at the same time. Countries all over Europe are seeing very high excess death rates this year (meanwhile the birthrates have also mysteriously collapsed this year as well…



Norway isn’t actually the country in Europe with the highest levels of excess mortality, things are much worse elsewhere.

Take Germany.

In October they had a 23% excess mortality rate.

That means a lot of people are dying that should not be dying.

For all of the EU combined, there was a shocking 31 000 excess deaths in just 1 month.

Something is wrong and the media is refusing to investigate it.

So I will.

Let’s take a closer look at what is going on – What I found was SHOCKING.

Tens of thousands of people are suddenly dying from a certain health problem… A health problem that we now know can be caused by a side effect of a certain thing that was pushed on the population with no long term safety data.

People are collapsing and dying suddenly, something that was almost unheard of before.

I found that there is a worrying new piece of autopsy evidence that discovered why there has been so many SUDDEN DEATHS lately…


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