Foreign investors will find more room and higher profits in China: FM spokesman

Foreign investors in China will have more room to operate and potential for higher profits as China’s economy continues to develop, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said in Beijing on Tuesday.

Hong’s remark came in response to the 2011 White Paper on the State of American Business in China, released by the American Chamber of Commerce in China on Tuesday.

China is committed to its reform and opening-up policy and is trying to create a more optimal environment for companies supported by foreign investment, said Hong.

“We will increase market access and promote trade and investment liberalization in accordance with current international regulations,” he said.

According to Hong, China will continue to build an open and transparent legal environment. “China’s socialist market economy is a legal one, and it can provide safeguards for foreign investors,” he added, claiming that China will continue to create a fair and competitive market environment.

Concerning intellectual property rights protection, Hong said the Chinese government attaches great importance to this issue and has continuously promoted the creation of an intellectual property rights system and mechanisms for its protection.

“China will continue to optimize its investment environment, raise the performance of its foreign investments and become a more appealing destination for global investments,” he added.

BEIJING, April 26 (Xinhua) —

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