Fighting corruption vital task

After making a comprehensive analysis of the tasks and challenges the Communist Party of China (CPC) faces in his speech at the CPC’s anniversary gathering, General Secretary of CPC Central Committee Hu Jintao stressed that to make Party building more scientific under the new historical conditions, the CPC must follow the principle of fighting corruption in a comprehensive way, addressing both its symptoms and root causes, says an article on Excerpts:

The CPC owes all its achievements and governance over the last 90 years to its efforts to maintain its advanced nature. But its advanced nature and governance have not been accomplished once and for all. Therefore, the CPC should constantly enhance Party building to make it more scientific.

The CPC should stick to its long tradition of imposing strict discipline on its members. At a time of profound changes in global, national and intra-Party conditions, the CPC faces long-term, complicated and severe tests in governing the country and implementing reform and opening-up and developing the market economy, as well as external tests. And the CPC faces the growing danger of a lack of drive, incompetence, and alienation from the people because of corruption.

The history of the Party over the past 90 years shows that tackling head on and effectively preventing corruption is crucial for the Party to gain popular support and ensure its survival, and it is therefore a major political task the Party must attend to at all times. The CPC is soberly aware of the gravity and danger of the corruption that has emerged under the conditions of the Party being long in power, as well as the need to combat corruption throughout the course of reform, opening-up, and socialist modernization.

The whole Party must remain vigilant against corruption, be fully aware that fighting corruption will be a protracted, complicated and arduous battle, and give higher priority to combating corruption and upholding integrity. The Party must demonstrate greater confidence and resolve and take more powerful measures to improve the institutions for punishing and preventing corruption and unswervingly fight corruption.

The CPC must follow the principle of fighting corruption comprehensively, address its root cause and symptoms, and combine punishment with prevention. Also, the Party should boost efforts to improve education, supervision, reform and institutional innovation to more effectively prevent corruption.

Institutional innovation must be actively carried out to combat corruption. The Party must identify areas where breakthroughs can be made, set priorities for deepening reform and opening-up, advance reform in important areas and key links to reduce institutional obstacles and loopholes to the largest extent, as well as improve the institutional system for combating corruption.

Party officials at all levels must bear in mind that power is entrusted by the people and can only be used to protect their interests. When exercising power, the CPC officials must serve the people, hold themselves accountable to them, and readily subject themselves to their supervision. The Party officials must not turn their power into an instrument to gain personal benefits.

Officials at all levels must have a keen sense of living up to the people’s trust, guarding against wrong doing, and holding themselves to the highest standards. The Party members must act in the true Party spirit, ensure integrity, and play an exemplary role in society. A CPC official can’t tarnish his or her role as a public servant once he or she is assigned a public post, or abuse the power for personal gain.

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Source: China Daily

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