Fidel Castro: Cuba can do without U.S.

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Monday that Cuba could “live without the United States.”

In his new “Reflection” published Monday by the official media, Castro said Cuba “has lived for more than half a century without relations with the United States.”

The 84-year-old former leader contrasted Cuba’s reality with that in the United States, referring to the assassination attempt there Saturday that seriously injured Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed six others.

“The United States is the biggest consumer of drugs in the world and at the same time, the largest supplier of weapons,” Castro said.

“Although it hurts our modesty, it is a duty to state that our blocked, threatened and slandered country has demonstrated that the people can live without violence and drugs,” he said.

“They can even live with no relations with the United States, and that has happened more than half a century ago,” Castro wrote.

Concerning Giffords, Castro said the attack was a “heinous and detestable act of violence,” adding the Cubans were glad about “the success of doctors’ work to save her life.”

Story by Xinhua News Agency. *Photo selected by The 4th Media.

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