Failed “Jasmine” protests in China expose America’s tactics to destabilize the country

*US Ambassador to China spotted at planned venue in Beijing

The Chinese people did not only reaffirm their trust, love and commitment to their country by ignoring tweeted messages from the United States calling on them to copy-cat the uprisings that have gripped North Africa and the Middle East, particularly Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen, but by refusing to stage any protests against their government is enough proof that the people of China know exactly where their country is heading, and that China has gone past the stage where western governments can dictate how the internal affairs of the country should be run.

Wangfujing, a very busy street – call it a shopping center in Beijing – was the place where tweeted messages from the U.S. had called on Chinese citizens to stage protests against the government. Wangfujing was thought to be special as it is just less than one kilometer from Tiananmen Square and thousands of people could be found there at any working hour.

U.S. ambassador at Wangfujing, Beijing
In the midst of those who were there for their daily activities including shoppers – even though CNN gave the impression that those present at the venue were a handful of protesters – was the U.S. ambassador to China. There is no doubt that he had gone there to see how the planned protest was going on, and apparently tweet in more words of encouragement and reassurance to the protesters that the U.S. was with them in the advent of any reaction from the government of China.

But to his greatest disappointment, nothing was happening. The Chinese people are too busy to give a damn to western manipulations aimed at destabilizing their own nation which today is a source of pride to every Chinese citizen in any part of the world. China is no longer that powerless developing nation that it was before 1949. China is a giant in the international scene – and the destiny of the world relies on how China sneezes. If China sneezes too hard, the world will catch a cold.

It was not a coincidence that the U.S. ambassador was spotted at the venue during the same hour that the protests were supposedly planned to hold. He was there to applaud the protesters, take down notes of how the riot police will react, then return to his office and make a report on human rights violations in China, and then fax an urgent message to the White House on the need to covertly encourage the protesters to march on, chant slogans and call for regime change and other social benefits like was the case in Tunisia, Egypt, and now, Libya and Bahrain.

If any one doubts the hand of the U.S. in this manipulation – call it hidden agenda, then that person should explain why the tweeted messages originated from the U.S., and not any other country in the world. Are there no Chinese citizens in Africa, Latin America, and in other Asian countries? Do Chinese citizens in the U.S. love China more than those in other parts of the world? Definitely, the tweeted messages did not originate from Chinese citizens based in the U.S. as western media claimed. The plan was carefully tailored within U.S. secret services – give them whatever name you may like – but the real intension was to show to the world that the people of China are not comfortable with the government, while further plans would be put on the ground to destabilize the Chinese government. But the tactic failed.

He was smiled as he walked

CNN could only report how a man was arguing with a policeman and how uniform and plain clothes policemen paraded the venue – as if it is not necessary for the police to be present at a shopping center where not only hundreds, but thousands of people walk by during every business hour. The picture of the U.S. ambassador at the scene received a total black-out.

China is too strong for any country in the world to think of messing around with its internal affairs. The Chinese people know what they need. They know their direction, and they know where they are heading to. What they do not need is for any nation, not even the U.S. to give them lessons on how to run their affairs. The failed “Jasmine” protests in China should be a lesson to the U.S. and its allies in the west – that if they are thinking of more attempts to destabilize China then they should think again.

It is a pity that the people of Egypt and Libya in particular are blind-folded in protesting against their government. Take Egypt for example, the protesters were full of ecstasy in shouting “Mubarak go”, but they were ignorant of the behind-the-scene games that were going on in the U.S.

Mubarak became a victim to his masters in the U.S. simply because he was no longer useful – and knowing that the people of Egypt were “tired” of Mubarak’s 30 years rule, and that they will welcome any possible attempts to demand for change if they were assured that their demands must be met, the biggest donor to Egypt – the U.S., saw the Egyptian protesters as the best channel to kick-start the process to dispose Hosni Mubarak. While the protests were going on, the Army was working out plans to take over the country, with the support of the U.S. which gives $1.5 billion aid annually to the Egyptian military. And it happened. Things will be the same in Egypt. During transition, the U.S. will make sure that another puppet is elected president of Egypt, and the circle will go round again.

But the Chinese situation is different. There is no way the U.S. can covertly penetrate and cause confusion. The government of China is people centered and works for the interest of the people. China does not rely on any aid from any country in the world to survive – instead, China is a generous donor to both developed and developing countries. If the world was to become an island, a world where interdependency was to be replaced with self-sufficiency, China will be the most prosperous nation in the world. The Chinese are proud of their country and will defend their motherland under any circumstances.

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