Exclusive Photos (5 Sets) & Related Articles (1-10) from DPRK’s National Funeral of Late Kim Jong Il

[Editorial note]

The following photos have been either obtained from Korean Central News Agency or taken by our ow photographer throughout the 10 daylong stay during DPRK’s national funeral from December 22 to 30, 2011.

For the next a couple of weeks both The 4th Media and April Media in Chinese are going to provide also Exclusive Video footages from our direct contacts with DPRK’s ordinary people.

Most of the photos displayed in the following may show some of the DPRK ordinary people’s genuinely deep and often uncontrollable sorrows.

However, even during DPRK’s seemingly the most sorrowful National Funeral event, The 4th Media is also keenly aware that the viciously and willfully repeated demonization campaigns do continue.

Of course these campaigns against DPRK are carried out, as they’ve been done over the last 60 some years, mainly by US, Japanese, South Korean conservative corporate media outlets.

However, doubtlessly, the whole campaigns are orchestrated by those three governments by way of their notorious national secret intelligence agencies who mostly stay behind the scenes.

Yes, the demonization campaign by the US-led war propagandas is nothing new.

At present, one of their awfully irrational claims is that “DPRK’s national sorrow is something organized, fabricated, and/or forced by the government.”

For example, they even claim those “photos from DPRK state media that’d been shown throughout the world are not real. They are made-up photos. They are fabricated ones.”

In other words, “their photos which show the nationwide sorrows are not genuine.”

Therefore The 4th Media believes that we should provide photos we directly took is something our journalistic duties and responsibilities.

We’ll do our best to provide them as many and best as possible.

We believe it’s quite fair displaying photos we directly took from DPRK during our stay there, so that our global readers would be able to make their own independent judgments if their sorrows and pains are genuine or not.

Accoring to their usual demonization propaganda tactics, the US-led corporate media have even argued Mr. Kim didn’t “die on the running train” but “somewhere else at one of his residence in Pyongyang.”

A notorious South Korean conservative media even carried a scenario that “Mr. Kim was killed from a military coup.”

As usual, this sort of completely-baseless and willfully-fabricated disinformation campaign then went to Japan and there those sort of demonization campaign got further blown up and then further viciously fabricated.

Then that further blown up stories went to US.

Later several so-called American, South Korean, Japanese “experts on Korea” wrote articles “speculating the cause of his death.”

Let me stop here now and begin to provide photos we have now at our hands.

May our global readers have some independent ideas and thoughts about the situation in Korean peninsula.


Further photos from the National Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies are provided in the following links:

Dec. 28th National Funeral Ceremony

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Dec. 29th’s National Memorial Ceremony

1) http://www.4thmedia.org/2012/01/06/exclusive-photos-ii-from-kim-jong-ils-memorial-service-on-dec-29-2011/

 2) http://www.4thmedia.org/2012/01/06/exclusive-photos-from-kim-jong-il-memorial-service-on-dec-29-2011/


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***More photos from the National Funeral and National Memorial Ceremonies are provided in the above-introduced 4 different links.

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