Evolution of State Terror: State Terrorists Who Control CIA, Mossad Not Yet Rolled Up Sleeves



The U.S. deep state has a long and complicated history of conducting covert operations inside the United States to shape the evolution of U.S. politics and control American public opinion. A majority of these operations are political assassinations which are blamed on a “lone gunman.”

It is easy for the deep state to find individuals who are connected to the government in some way and set them up in the media after a politically motivated crime is committed. Lee Harvey Oswald was the most famous character to fit this archetype. Read, “The Scapegoat in American Culture: From Lee Harvey Oswald To Osama bin Laden,” for more details.

The question of whether or not “Dark Knight” killer James Holmes is an innocent patsy can be answered by looking at the details of his university life, his invented Joker persona, his academic connections to the deep state apparatus, his family’s military background, and the strange coincidences connected to the event.

Also, we must remember that the political plan by the White House to implement gun control, which was exposed in the Fast and Furious scandal, is a long-term plan that is based on state terror, gun demonization and deception. Fast and Furious should serve as a reminder that the White House is prepared to committ a little evil for what they see is the greater good.

Deep State investigator Wayne Madsen, “said accused shooter James Holmes had a number of links to U.S. government-funded research centers, including the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, or DARPA,” (from Kurt Nimmo’s article, “Shooter James Holmes and DARPA Weird Science”). Nimmo writes that, “The Holmes family appears to have deep connections to the military-industrial complex.”

Is it just a coincidence that a rising star in the field of brain research dropped out of his PhD program, went mad in a month, and then shot up a theatre at a midnight screening of the most anticipated film event of the year? The official story of the shooting spells out totalitarian propaganda, plus it doesn’t add up. Three oddities stand out:

1) Eyewitnesses said that someone opened the exit emergency door from the inside, and an alarm bell didn’t go off. What a coincidence.

2) A training exercise was being held at a medical school in Colorado on the same day as the shooting that involved the exact mass death scenario. Other false flag events like 9/11 and 7/7 also included government drills that matched the events almost down to the last detail.

3) Holmes was described as calm, numb, and subdued when the police arrested him. Wouldn’t you think that your adrenaline would be pumping like crazy after you just shot over 60 people and killed 12? It is supernatural for someone to switch off so fast, and go from being a dominant killer to an obedient dog in a matter of minutes.

People just don’t operate that way, with the exception of soldiers in war. Plus, Holmes doesn’t seem like the type to master an environment and unleash a reign of death.

But since Holmes has been cast as the “lone gunman,” other narratives are mocked and rejected. In the brave new world real police investigations only occur on CSI, not in real life.

Popular Prejudice Against Crazies

Collective insanity is what plagues the West, and mankind, not individual freaks. It is a myth that any crazy nut can pull a trigger and kill countless numbers of innocent people.

Over the years, this myth has been created because the hijacked globalist U.S. government wants to scare Americans and make people demand strict gun control laws. If this myth persists in the collective psyche then the tyrant’s secret wish and the slave’s public plead will be the same.

The popular prejudice against the “crazy nut” is connected to the totalitarian propaganda that changes politically motivated state crimes to irrational acts committed by a “lone gunman.” The “lone gunman” propaganda works so well because there is a deep-seated prejudice against mad people, the “crazies,” who make easy scapegoats.

According to the public, only lone individuals are crazy, not masses, governments, nations, religions, and civilizations. People who view 9/11 truth-tellers as “crazy,” as opposed to the diabolical mass murderers in the USraeli government who staged 9/11, are truly the crazy ones because they do not investigate reality with their own intellect.

Mass shootings are freaky and unnatural events because they are staged. They are not a product of a gun culture or a drug culture in America, but of a deep state structure that uses false flag operations to advance political agendas and brainwash the public.

Why do we assume that killers work alone when the most dangerous killers are in gangs and governments? Mentally ill people are not good with weapons.

Imagine math genius John Nash, whose life was fictionalized in the 2001 film A Beautiful Mind, putting on military gear and shooting up a place. To expect mentally unhinged characters to perform such difficult military feats is lunacy.

Mad people are too self-obsessed to plan out a major operation. They don’t have the mental presence and inner will that it takes to execute a plan of such magnitude and deadliness. They’re too busy jumbling the different thoughts in their head to concentrate on methodically murdering innocent members of society.

I saw some pictures of Holmes in court, and it is very hard to believe that he is a killer. He doesn’t seem mentally capable of doing the things that he has been accused of doing. What kind of stone-cold killer colors his hair red and poses as a clown like he is part of a freak show? Holmes doesn’t look mean and hostile, but bewildered, lost, and confused.

I had doubts that this mass shooting was a government false flag and a CIA black op. But after some nights thinking about it my best guess is that Holmes probably gave his consent to his government handlers to participate in a mass social experiment. He said he was interested in learning about the nature of subjective experiences, so the role he is playing now in public could be connected to his research aspirations.

If Holmes is a willing patsy, standing in as a research subject who has been medicated, then the real killers were highly trained soldiers, most likely psychotic vets who enjoy killing people and take pride in being part of a secret government project.

Secret Societies, Intoxicated Assassins, And Mystery Cults

It is a tradition in the East and the West for military leaders to intoxicate assassins before they sent them out on a mission. In the late 11th century, the Persian religious teacher Hassan al Sabbah founded a secret group of professional assassins called Hashshashin, whose members took hashish before killing their designated targets.

Prof. Dr. Nazeer Ahmed gives a short history about the group’s rise to prominence in an article called, “The Assassins.” Here is an excerpt:

“Hassan al Sabbah retreated to the mountains of northern Syria and established his hideout in the remote mountain areas of Mazanderan. There he set up his headquarters and let loose a reign of terror. The structure of his clandestine movement was pyramidal with Hassan at the apex of the pyramid. He carried the title of Shaykh al Jabal. Next in the hierarchy were the dais who were trained to propagate the movement. Below the dais were the fidayeen, who were indoctrinated as true believers in the gospel of Hassan and acted as agents of their master. It was they who were charged with the responsibility to carry out the assassinations in the far-flung corners of the Islamic dominions. At the bottom of the rung were the rafeeqs, the uninitiated recruits, who were undergoing indoctrination prior to their initiation as fidayees.

The term assassin derives from the Arabic word hashashin (those who consume hashish) because the fidayees used hashish as an intoxicant and while intoxicated, committed their murders. The hashish was mainly imported from India although some was also locally grown. The Hindustani name for hashish is “ganja”, a product similar to marijuana, still widely cultivated and used in the subcontinent. The assassin movement is also called the fidayee movement and its followers are referred to as fidayeen. In Turkish it called the Nisari movement. Both designations imply a willingness to die in the cause of a movement. The Arabs called the fidayeenmulahida (the impious).”

Groups like the Hashshashin are highly secret in nature. Individuals are reprogrammed by the leaders once they step into the closed social circle and they quickly develop a whole new outlook on reality and the world. They become a society onto themselves. Their detachment from the regular world occurs over several phases, and drugs play a big part in the process. Many of the high ranking members of such groups are full blown mystics.

Young warriors who are brainwashed and led by old mystics are incredibly lethal. The most deadly kind of warriors are those who are in a double state of ecstasy, having hallucinogens and dreams of murder in their system. As dope fiends with weapons, they exist on an entirely different level of reality. Approaching them in battle is tantamount to approaching death in the flesh.

American solders who are taking Big Pharma drugs in Afghanistan like it is candy are seriously deadly warriors because they have entered a state of madness that very few can tolerate and handle. The ones who are the most successful in this state are those who naturally lack inner moral qualities.

Their mental and emotional capacities are also totally destroyed so they cannot be brought back to normal reality. They can go on killing rampages in civilian villages on one night, and wake up the next day feeling super invincible as they face the enemy in the mountains.

The Evolution of State Terror

The secret U.S. deep state most likely has within its ranks thousands of brainwashed assassins around the world, including the fanatical members of Al-Qaeda who are massacring civilians in Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

Since the CIA has ordered its Arab assassins to massacre innocent women and children in Syria in order to stoke chaos, it is natural to assume that similar CIA operations have been planned for the United States to create terror in the American public mind and exploit it for several political goals. 9/11 was only the beginning. The state terrorists who control the CIA and Mossad have not yet rolled up their sleeves.

Maybe this is a conspiracy theory taken too far. But I’m getting the impression that the hijacked globalist totalitarian state in Washington is entering a new phase in its evolution. And state terror and mass murder operations are central to its evolution.


Saman Mohammadi  |  The Excavator

*(This article was originally written in July 25, 2012)


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