Europe, Korea: Sacrificial Lamb? US Use Them Slow Its Own Economic Downfall, While Threatening China, Russia, Koreas

Looking through the US Tactics

On January 25 in New Delhi, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barrack Obama held a summit meeting, whereupon they announced a joint statement, which now undergoes various hot comments. I take this occasion to express my view on the stubborn phenomena happening in today’s world.

Upon start of the chaos and conflicts in Ukraine, the United States instigated Europe to perform anti-Russian sanctions, which by now has resulted in irreversible damage to Europe.

Most sectors of the European economy including agriculture have terribly declined and the rate of the euro dropped from 1.38 US$ level to 1.13 US$ level. In conclusion, Europe has fallen to a status unable to continue the anti-Russian sanctions.

The Reuters reported that Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, said, in his speech in Paris on January 16, that he wishes Russia to revert to be their strategic partner again and he will not participate in “the measures offending Russia”.

At present, with exception of British Prime Minister David Cameron, most of the European countries are insisting on suspension of anti-Russian sanctions.

Then, why has the US incited Europe to sanction Russia and why has Europe in her turn done such a self-harming action?

The answer is crystal clear. The purpose of the US pressure on Europe for such action was to weaken Europe rather than Russia. The dull-witted Europe devoid of wise foresight has blindly obeyed the US.

After her successful bugged-data-based instigation of Europe to sanction Russia, the US in her turn has, on the contrary, increased her trade volume with Russia by 6% rather than decreasing it.

The US is attempting to slow down her economic deterioration by sacrificing her allies. Recently, the US Federal Reserve Board announced its plan to increase the interest rate of US$ in order to sustain its present high rate against € and other currencies.

The question is how Europe, which has produced most of the founders of world civilization, could have been fooled by the United States, offspring of Europe. Are the brains of Europe weaker than the US?

They might answer that they had not known that the US was so cunning beyond imagination. Anyway, they failed to foresee that the US would not shrink its trade with Russia.

The case is the same with Ebola disease. According to a news report, Mr. Paul C. Roberts, former assistant to President Reagan, Dr. Cyril Broderick, a former professor at the University of Liberia, and many other witnesses have disclosed evidences that some years ago the US set up bio-warfare laboratories in West Africa, where they formulated the parent breed of Ebola virus and that a few weeks before the outbreak of Ebola disease in 2014 the Pentagon performed biological experiments of Ebola virus in Guinea and Sierra Leone spending some 140 million US$.

In this issue, too, we have a similar question. Why did the West African Governments fail to forbid the US set-ups of the said laboratories and the experiments of Ebola virus in their region? Otherwise, the present terrible disaster could have been prevented.

They might answer that they could not imagine that the US was so much cunning and cruel.

That is right. The United States is an imperialism that uses any inhuman and crafty means and methods for domination of the world. Hitherto in the world, there have been no nation and no group who have not suffered from damage upon obedience to the US.

There are so many examples thereof such as Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Ukraine, Palestine, etc. etc.

But, regretfully there are still some governments who are harming the interests of their own nations by blindly obeying the US upon hypnosis by the US. South Korea is an example.

Constantly tightening the surrounding ring against China, the US is inflicting her military pressure on China from the east by the incessant US-South Korean large war rehearsals in South Korea.

These war exercises do not threaten only China and North Korea, but also destroy peace and the economy of South Korea.

Whenever such war games are held in South Korea, the South Korean people get besieged by horror and the exchange rate of their currency Won and the stocks of their main enterprises fall sharply at the world markets.


North Korea in her turn, along with her demand to the US to quit from the antagonistic policy against her, recently expressed her readiness to suspend her nuclear test subject to a halt of the war exercises on the part of the US and proposed to South Korea a negotiation for unification of Korea.

By openly refuting the proposal of North Korea, the United States showed that she shall not give up her ambition to supersede China by sacrificing South Korea and fully unveiled her desire to continue the war exercises in South Korea leaving intact the North Korean nuclear.

The US President Obama believes that Korea should remain divided justifying the long term presence of the US Army in South Korea, which serves as a basis for the US endeavour to preponderate over China.

Obama so much fervently believes so that on January 1, when he heard North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s New Year address containing the proposal of negotiation for Korean unification, Obama left the noisy golf resort in Hawai and gasped to return to the White House, where he announced on January 2 the presidential executive order for new sanctions upon North Korea.

This happened when the whole territory of the US was besieged by the anti-Apartheid riots in protest of the successive assassinations of some black boys by the US police. But Mr Obama, a black gentleman, disregarded it and took a Korea-related measure, thus showing how vicious he is in opposing the peace of Korea.

The January 9, 2015 edition of the Executive Intelligence Review of the US says, “it is clear that these new sanctions are aimed at South Korea, Russia, and China as much or more so
than at North Korea.”

This magazine further explains that by encouraging and participating in manufacture of “the Interview” by the Sony Pictures Entertainment, Obama committed a crime in terrible violation of Item 871, Act 18 of the US Law and Noes 11905 and 12333 of the US Executive Order, which categorize such a crime for 33 months’ imprisonment.

Just like the US has weakened Europe by means of sanctions on Russia, the US is continuously weakening South Korea by pressure on China and sanctions on North Korea. But as shown by the abnormal behavior of Obama, the US viciousness with South Korea is stronger than with Europe.

Upon conciliation and pressure of the US South Korea has already suffered from huge damage e.g. she has spent over 100 billion US$ to purchase the US weapons.

India needs to get alert. The interests of the nation are the most valuable of all.


Mr. Kumar Gupta, an India geopolitical analyst, is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media.

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