US-backed Erdogan's Evil Empire Exposed

Turkish Head of State Erdogan may think that he has everything under control in Turkey, but the proverbial noose is tightening around his throat as irrefutable evidence of his global evil empire comes to light.


It is very likely that he will soon face grave charges in the International Criminal Court. All the roads out of ISIS-held territory in Syria and Iraq lead to Turkey and to Erdogan’s massive oil smuggling ring.

Since December 2015, Russia has been presenting hard evidence of ISIS oil smuggling into Turkey and has consistently pointed at the Erdogan family as the mastermind behind operations. There are piles of hard evidence of this smuggling and it is near impossible that US satellites and Intel drones could have missed thousands of oil trucks entering Turkey from ISIS-controlled Syrian areas.

Bilal Erdogan

In Italy, Bologna, prosecutors are investigating Bilal Erdogan with accusations of money-laundering since the beginning of February. Erdogan Jr. had moved to Bologna at the end of 2015 with his family under the guise of finishing his doctorate at the Johns Hopkins University in the Northern Italian city.

He was travelling under diplomatic immunity at the time and seems to have had his “diplomatic pouches” full. He has recently made a hasty getaway from Italy for “security” reasons and although he suggested that he would be returning to Istanbul his exact whereabouts are not clear.

There is mounting evidence that Sarin gas from US-sponsored labs in Georgia was used in a false-flag chemical attack in Ghouta, Syria in 2013 that was blamed on the Assad regime at the time.

It is becoming clear that the attack killing 500 to 1,000 people was carried out with Erdogan’s knowledge and more evidence will come to light as Erdogan is gradually becoming a global persona non grata.


Hundreds of innocent civilians died in the false-flag chemical attack on Ghouta, Syria putting the blame on Assad. King Abdullah of Jordan had some harsh words against Erdogan in a recently-leaked secret meeting with top US politicians held in January 2016.

He basically states that the refugee crisis is orchestrated by Turkish Intelligence for leverage and the export of terrorists to Europe, and highlights Erdogan’s dealings with ISIS in some detail. Granted that the good King is a staunch ally of the US, still where there is smoke, there is fire.

Then there is the story of Reza Zarrab in Turkey. This young “businessman” of Iranian descent became a naturalised Turkish citizen and married a famous singer. But he became a real star back in 2014 in connection with million dollar bribes and a 700,000 Euro watch as a “gift” to an AKP minister.

It turns out he has been scamming Iran and making billion dollar profits along with his mentor Babak Zancani, who is now awaiting execution in Iran for this gold against oil scheme.

Zarrab is currently in US custody for riddling the US embargo on Iran with holes. He faces a 75-year sentence and the mighty US Attorney Preet Bharara of the Southern District of New York, and is probably spilling the beans for a plea-bargain on how he made prominent AKP ruling party members millionaires (guess where the buck stops).

US Attorney Bharara becomes a twitter phenomenon in Turkey while Reza Zarrab faces a 75-year sentence

Elsewhere, the Iraqi Central Government is accusing the Kurdish Regional Government of selling millions of barrels of crude oil behind its back and is demanding billions of dollars of missing revenue in accordance with the Iraqi Constitution.

It is no secret that Erdogan has been buying up Kurdish oil and ISIS oil at less than half the market price and selling it to different “customers” including Israel for years, to the point of rocking the boat for the big oil boys.

There is no way of knowing how much of that money is being used to fund radical Islamic terrorist groups.

As Erdogan comes under increasing international pressure, he is becoming more aggressive and more unpredictable. Unlike the Turkish legal system, he has no control over international legal proceedings.


The astronomical amounts of money he has skimmed for himself is also becoming more difficult to hide. As if you could hide tricky-money from the US, which itself wrote the “international guide-book for shady money transactions”. Delusional and psychotic at the best of times, Erdogan is unlikely to soften as he runs out of options, and we should expect the worst when he is really cornered.

Ending on that note, the families of US military personnel in Turkey, mainly from Incirlik Air Base in Adana, have been ordered by the State Department to evacuate for reasons of “security”.

Yet somehow it’s safe to leave more than 80 nuclear weapons in the same air base in the hands of a madman like Erdogan. Incidentally this is NATO’s largest stockpile in Europe, but there are no US nuclear attack planes on base to whisk them away if necessary. And these are no toys either!

Despite the fact that they are classed as tactical weapons, a standard B61 air-to-surface nuclear missile carries a punch that may exceed 5 times the devastation of Nagasaki.

The B-61 is more destructive than "Fat Man" in Nagasaki, so how wise is it to leave 80 of them in the hands of Erdogan?


Ray Camen


Erdogan’s Evil Empire Exposed


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