[The 4th Media Editor’s note: The following solidarity message is sent to The 4th Media from Mr. Mwandawiro Mghanga, Chairperson of Social Democratic Party of Kenya (SDP). The original title of the message was “SDP DEMANDS THE END OF SANCTIONS AGAINST DPRK”.]

The United Nations through the instigation of the US and its allies inluding Japan and South Korea have imposed brutal and unjust sanctions against the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) austensibly for violating international agreements concerning nuclear weapons.

Yet it is not the DPRK that is creating a threat to peace in the Korean Peninsular and the world, but THE US which has aways militarily threatened the DPRK with annihilation.

The DPRK not only has a right to develop and own nuclear weapons as long as the US and other nations also develop and own the weapons of mass destruction, but it has also clearly stated that its nuclear weapons are in the Korean peninsular only to deter an American attack which has remained the threat to the peace and security of the region since it was defeated militarily by the revolutionary army of Korea Peoples Army (KPA) under the legendary leader of Korea and world socialism, comrade Kim Il Sung.

As Christopher Black, a prominent international lawyer based in Toronto, Canada, argues, “The fact that the Rassian and Chinese have joined the US in this instead of calling for sanctions against the US for its threats against the DPRK and its new military exercises which are a clear and present danger to the DPRK is shameful. If the Russians and Chinese are sincere why don’t they insist that the US draw down its forces there so the DPRK feels less threatened and take steps to guarantee the security of the DPRK? They do not explain their actions but their actions make them collaborators with the US against the DPRK.”

The SDP in exercise of its socialist internationalist obligation condemns in no uncertain terms the unjustified sanctions against DPRK instigated by imperialism and legalised by the United Nations that is many times used to impose the will of imperialism and big powers.

We are aware that the US has never stopped its cold and hot war against DPRK that through one of the greatest patriotic, heroic and revolutionary anti-colonial and anti-imperialist national liberation armed struggles succeeded in winning true independence in the northern half of Korea.

When it invaded North Korea, US imperialism like Japanese colonialism earlier, suffered one of the most humiliating military defeats it will never forget in its reactionary history.

We also know that the US and its allies hate DPRK with a venom for refusing to be a puppet of imperialism like South Korea and for asserting its right to determine its own destiny along Juche socialism.

Dirty false propaganda war is wedged against DPRK for refusing the capitalist and neo-colonial path of slavery, under-development and exploitation of person by person and instead choosing the path of development for freedom and humanity, socialism.

We in Kenya and Africa struggling against capitalism and imperialism and for nations and societies without exploitation of person by person will not accept to be cheated by imperialists who have always been part and parcel of the root causes of Africa’s problems.

Neither will we accept to be fooled by imperialist propaganda disseminated everyday by the Western media aimed at shaping our world view in line with imperialism.

For imperialism is not and has never been a friend of Africa but its enemy. African patriots and revolutionaries will never allow imperialism to tell us who our friends are. We know who our friends are.

And North Korea has always been Africa’s true friend. When the whole of the African continent was under Western colonialism, Korea under the revolutionary leadership of comrade Kim Il Sung was fighting Japanese colonialism and showing solidarity with Africa at the same time.

After it drove away Japanese colonialism and US imperialism, DPRK in the name of socialist internationalism increased its moral, military and other material support to African countries in their struggle for liberation from colonialism, imperialism and apartheid.

Immediately after independence from colonialism in the 1960s, thousands of Africans, including Kenyans, received free higher, technical and specialised education in the DPRK.

DPRK not only offered arms, finance and other material solidarity to Namibia, South Africa, Angola and Mozambique in the war against apartheid and imperialism, but it also actually sent internationalist revolutionaries in Africa to fight side by side with Africans for Africa.

DPRK fought with Egypt and Africa during the 1967 war against the brutal Zionist regime of Israel supported by Western countries.

Today DPRK is together with African countries in the demand for a new just international order.

In this DPRK is blamed by imperialism and imperialist puppet regimes in the world for being in the forefront and showing by its own example that a new just international order cannot be but anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, it must be socialist.

DPRK is in fact an example to be followed by all people and nations struggling for freedom, independence and for societies, nations and world without exploitation and oppression of person by person and nation by nation.

DPRK is a world symbol or resistance to the reactionary capitalist and imperialist ideologies and systems that exists in order for a few people, families and nations to continue to exploit, oppress, enslave and plunder the majority of human beings and to threaten the very existence of the earth.

But most of all DPRK is regarded to be the greatest enemy of imperialism, particularly the US, for being a true independent country politically, culturally, economically, ideologically, militarily and a nuclear power capable of defending her independence from any foreign military invasion.

Unlike the US and its allies, DPRK has never used its military power to invade, dominate and destroy other countries and to plunder their natural resources.

Also neither, unlike the US and its imperialist allies, has DPRK ever initiated and sponsored terrorism and terrorist organisations anywhere in the world.

And yes, if the West and other countries including Zionist Israel has nuclear weapons, why not DPRK?

We the SDP demand that all countries in the world must not develop or possess weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons.

Only then can there be legitimate justification for imposing sanctions against DPRK, or any other nations at that, for possessing nuclear weapons today.

Finally, SDP demands that the Kenyan and African governments condemn the unjustified sanctions against DPRK and further demand for the immediate and unconditional end of the sanctions.

Long Live DPRK!

Long live anti-imperialist solidarity!

Long live socialism!



Mwandawiro Mghanga, Monday, 14 March 2016



[1] Mwandawiro is also member of the Executive Committee of Africa Left Networking Forum (ALNEF) based in Dakar Senegal. ALNEF is a network of communist parties of Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, Tuesday, 08 March 2016

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