DSK, the US, Israel and The New World Order: The Empire is Fading

There is a higher-level platform from which the recent Strauss-Kahn event must be viewed, to create a firm understanding of the motivations involved. That platform is the New World Order which is in the process of being created.

Interestingly, this topic has received only peripheral attention until the spate of recent articles on the Bilderberg Group finally brought it into public focus.

The internet has made it possible for citizens of all countries to communicate and share information about the US – most especially about the hypocrisy, about the difference between what it says and what it does.

The Empire is Fading

The facts and the threats of US Imperialism and worldwide US hegemony are beyond satire, and being beyond satire is one of the more reliable historical signs of being beyond repair as well.

Briefly, the US is aware that the Empire is crumbling and fading. That doesn’t mean it will die in a year, nor that the US economy will collapse overnight or that it will become a third-world country.

But nevertheless, the Empire is indeed crumbling and fading. The US no longer commands the respect or admiration of much of the world. People, and countries, laugh openly at the US; they criticise, they condemn, they chastise and, most humiliatingly, they preach back.

The US “moral imperative” is dead forever. America has lost its halo, its Christian righteousness, its ability to preach to others about “human rights” or much of anything else. China now produces its own human rights report each year, largely critical of the US and giving Americans a taste of their own medicine.

The unjust wars based on lies, the torture that is now accepted as normal, the dictators supported, the increasing encroachments on US domestic freedoms and rights, are now known to everyone.

The US financial system is becoming publicly known for what it really is; world publics are aware that the US has initiated all of the world’s great financial crises and that these were driven by greed, fostered by a reckless and unsupervised banking system and fuelled by free money. Former ‘colonies’ have thrown off the yoke of US imperialism and are (finally) beginning to thrive on their own – much of Central and South America, for e.g..

There are three fundamental areas involved. Economic, Military and Political.

(1)  Economic.

You may have missed the excellent article in the UK Guardian of late last year, on the Seoul G-20 summit, which article said in part, “If you seek a symbolic moment when the United States ceased to command the 21st-century world and ceded its place to the Asian century, this week in Seoul at the G-20 was arguably that moment.”

The US entered that meeting room with all guns blazing, looking for 18 members to support the US pressure to hammer China into revaluing the RMB. In the event, no country rose to the bait. The failure was so complete that President Obama, rather than being front and center in the ‘celebratory’ group photo, was relegated to the fringe and, in a pointed and astonishing insult, was cropped out of the final photo altogether.

Most of the real world, certainly including China, Europe – and DSK – are recommending the tossing of the US dollar as the reserve currency. When that happens, the US economy will collapse. The US realises that the reserve currency dollar and all the imperialistic benefits provided therefrom, is coming to an end.

Saddam Hussein was invaded, and hung, just for this reason. Libya is invaded in large part due to this, and Iran is next. But that won’t stop the tide.

When the US dollar is no longer supreme, the trillions of dollars floating around the world will return home because nobody will want them or have a need for them. The dollar will drop by 30-50%, inflation will soar, living standards will drop by the same amount and the US will no longer be a place where everyone wants to go.

(2)  Military

It is an accepted fact of history that a dying Empire, knowing that it’s dying, will make a last desperate effort to grab all it can, before the end.

The US realises that in spite of its overwhelming military superiority it cannot attack the whole world at the same time, and cannot attack parts of it at all.

Until now, the US has managed to either go it alone, or create an increasingly difficult “coalition of the willing”. Iraq and Afghanistan were very tough. Libya proved impossible. Only France who has significant oil interests, and the UK – failed empires always make the best poodles – are in this one. The next may have none.

Nevertheless, the US is desperately trying to get its own people into public office in countries all over the world, and will stop at nothing to effect that kind of regime change. That is the reason behind all the Arab “color revolutions”, the persistent provocation of Korea, Pakistan, Iran and most other Middle-Eastern countries, the attempts to overthrow Chavez in Venezuela, the pressure on China, and Hillary’s new cautionary appeals to Africa to “avoid any colonialism but ours”.

(3)  Political

The US can still bully and threaten with the best of them, and still achieves some remarkable successes, but this too is fading. Increasingly, countries are not fearful of disobeying the Emperor, nor so willing to jump on the Empire’s bandwagon, and much more determined to consider their own “national interests” rather than those of the US.

The Solution – The New World Order

To forestall a free-fall, and to preserve as much future power and influence as possible, the US is doing two things. One is to use its military to grab as much as possible while it is still possible to grab anything. The second is to push very hard for a New World Order – a form of world government – but one in which the US, as with the UN, has most of the influence and control. This is part of the agenda of the Bilderberg Group.

The maintenance of the European Market and the Euro are essential to this, which is why the US refused to let Ireland off the hook, and why it won’t let Greece default and leave the euro. This is not new: the US was the driving force behind the formation of an integrated Europe since the end of WW II, and it is why the US is now pushing very hard for the formation of a full supranational European government to go along with NATO as its military arm.

The intention is to place the few remaining friends at the top of this institution and form an alliance with the US, as it intends to do with bloc friends in Asia. A kind of supranational UN, staffed with poodles, friends, a few remaining admirers, with the US still in control of all of it.

Financially and economically the IMF is a key, and the agenda cannot be fulfilled with an insubordinate DSK at the helm. He HAD to be replaced. And France, until recently one of the “willing” (though this may now change), cannot be permitted to have an insubordinate DSK at the helm there either. Again, he HAD to be replaced.

The military part is of the most concern. The US desperately wants to plug a few large gaps in the Empire, of which Iran is one and North Korea is another. Iran cannot be done without large international support which is why the constant demonising is taking place – to prepare world opinion (as for Iraq and Serbia) for another war. Pakistan is in this category too, with the US forcing destabilisation toward a civil war.

Korea should worry us the most. The US appears resolutely determined to finish what it started in Korea, to eliminate that thorn once and for all, and to have troops, missiles and weapons firmly on China’s border. The US has become increasingly provocative, and increasingly violently provocative, toward Korea, which makes war is almost a certainty. We almost had it last year when the US and South Korea sank, either deliberately or accidentally, one of their own ships. And the US military is so wrong-headed about this that it will recklessly risk a military confrontation with China, to produce it.

When all is done, we will have some kind of supranational government with full political power over all the bloc member countries, and NATO or equivalent will be the military arm – all under the control of the US as the most powerful member. When that happens, no country will have any freedom in any real sense because all power and all decisions will flow to the “world government” where the US will have a veto on everything.

If we have another Cuba that evicts a US-installed dictator and nationalises US industries, the world government, led by the US, will “sanction” it into oblivion. We will all be colonies, not only of the US, but of the (mostly) US multinational corporations who will have a license to loot the world – with NATO’s unflinching support.

China is a problem, because China’s government does not easily lend itself to infiltration and subversion. The US has seen that the chances of instigating a China-wide “Jasmine Revolution” are effectively nil, so for the first time, China was invited to participate in this year’s Bilderberg Group meeting. The US will have to bring China onside, and that will not be easy. China is the only real stumbling block to the US president one day literally being “the leader of the world”.

Most of the pieces are already in place.

In all of this, DSK was only a small part. Another part is the cleverness of forcing European countries to join NATO prior to being considered for membership in the Euro market. The military control must come first. If a country will not sujugate its military to NATO, it will be an outcast, left to rot on its own. Another is the maintenance of the US dollar as a significant part of the reserve bloc which, though few seem aware of the implications, will guarantee that the US will be the only country in the world with an independent economic freedom.

If you aren’t cringing, you should be. This is all frightening when you try to think through what it will mean for you and your country – and your “freedoms” and “rights”. And you can kiss your “democracy’ goodbye. It will be controlled too. You will vote for candidates already selected, just as with the President of the IMF.

The end game of course is a world-spanning system of global governance. This is a system controlled by Jewish-American financiers and their network of global institutions ensuring the world’s consolidated nations conform to a singular system they can then perpetually fleece.

They are establishing a convincing narrative to defend the immense concentration of undue power within their elitist hands and the implementation of measures to ensure such power stays in their hands indefinitely.

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