DPRK Rebukes US Description of UFG as Regular, Routine Activities: Aggressive Military Exercises with Actual War Scenario

The U.S. claims that Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises (UFG) are regular and routine activities.

This is a hackneyed trick to cover up its nature as a harasser of peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and the rest of Northeast Asia and provoker of a war.

The exercises that the U.S. staged with the south Korean regime from August 20 to 31 were evidently an all-out act of aggression against the DPRK.

They started with the field over-all examination by the secretary of the U.S. Army in mid-August.

It reminded one of the eve of the past June 25 Korean war.

All the details of the military activities including movement of aggression troops consistent with the actual war scenario were oriented to the surprise occupation of the DPRK.

The drills even envisaged a special warfare targeted against the headquarters of the revolution in the DPRK, preemptive attacks on its nuclear and missile bases and “civilian operation” aimed at the occupation of regions of the DPRK.






They hurled even MRAP whose capacity had been proved in the Mid-east war, openly disclosing the offensive nature of the exercises aimed at the breaking of the Military Demarcation Line by the ground forces.

The U.S. forces commander in south Korea openly said that UFG is based on actual scenario.

The situation proves that the State Department just tried to mislead the public when it let its spokesman describe UGF as regular and routine activities on August 20.

The U.S. reckless war moves have placed the Korean Peninsula and the rest of Northeast Asia on high alert.

It is by no means fortuitous that Xinhua said the UFG strained the tension in the region, far from helping the promotion of regional peace and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

This being a hard fact, the U.S. is making sophism to give impression that there is nothing problematic with the exercises, a mockery of the people of the DPRK and other Asian countries desirous of regional peace and stability.



The U.S. is an arch criminal constantly harassing peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia by staging war exercises.

With no sleight of hand can it shirk off its responsibility as a hideous provoker of a war.


Pyongyang, KCNA, September 3, 2012

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