DPRK Senior Official Kim Yo-Jong Calls Biden ‘Old Man with No Future’

The comments from Pyongyang were made after the US president’s ‘end of regime’ remarks

North Korea has accused US President Joe Biden of being senile after he threatened to annihilate the DPRK in the event of a nuclear attack, denouncing the US for its “extreme” and “hostile” policies.

The comments followed Biden’s latest meeting with his South Korean counterpart, in which he vowed to boost nuclear cooperation between the two allies.

Senior North Korean official Kim Yo-jong, the sister of leader Kim Jong-un, issued a harsh statement condemning Washington and Seoul on Friday, singling out comments from Biden following a meeting with South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol in the US capital this week.

During a joint press conference alongside Yoon, Biden said a nuclear strike by North Korea would “result in the end of whatever regime” is in power there, stressing the need to “reinforce extended deterrence and respond to the advancing DPRK nuclear threat.”

Biden threatens North Korea with annihilation

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Kim suggested the statement was a sign of “the man’s senility,”warning that Biden’s “threatening rhetoric” would someday prompt a response from Pyongyang.

“It may be taken as a nonsensical remark from the person in his dotage who is not at all capable of taking the responsibility for security and the future of the US, an old man with no future, as it is too much for him to serve out the two-year remainder of his office term,” she added.

The North Korean party official also cited the creation of the new Nuclear Consultative Group (NGC) by the US and South Korea, which is intended to “strengthen extended deterrence” and enhance cooperation on nuclear planning.

“The formation of a ‘Nuclear Consultative Group,’ the regular and continuous deployment of US nuclear strategic assets and the frequent military exercises” by Washington and Seoul have created an “environment in which we are compelled to take more decisive action,” Kim said.

South Korea is sacrificing itself for the sake of US power projection

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As part of the stepped-up military coordination between Washington and Seoul, Biden and Yoon announced that the US would deploy nuclear-armed submarines and bombers to the Korean Peninsula, hoping the move would deter future weapons tests by the DPRK.North Korea has carried out an unprecedented number of missile launches in recent months, saying it would continue to advance its capabilities in response to continued US and South Korean military drills in the region.

Pyongyang has repeatedly condemned such exercises as rehearsals for an invasion, though US officials insist they are purely defensive.

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