Disaster-united Communities Rebuilding After Deadly Floods

RIA Novosti/Ilya Pitalev

Search and rescue is over in southern Russia, where flash floods have killed 171 people. The Emergencies Ministry is focusing on rebuilding the water-damaged cities. Residents are trying to cope with the terrible losses they suffered and move on.

Rescue workers and volunteers have pumped water out of some 3,200 houses in Krymsk, Gelenzhik and Novorossiysk, the three cities in the Krasnodar region affected by the flash floods. That is almost two thirds of the 5,000 households damaged by the tragedy, the ministry reported on Tuesday morning. Gas, water and electricity supply has been restored for all key facilities like hospitals.

Help is pouring into the region from across the country and from abroad. People are sending basic necessities, clothing and household items to the victims, thousands of whom lost everything in the flood. Almost 3,000 volunteers are working at the scene helping to deal with the consequences of the disaster.

Fear remains high among residents of the region, who had never seen a catastrophe of such magnitude in their lifetime. Rumor of an impending second flood was enough to trigger panic in Krymsk, with people rushing to flee and creating a massive jam on Monday. RT’s Tom Barton reports from the site bringing stories of looming terror and heartbreaking heroism.

Tom Barton

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