Desperate Peking University’s graduate killed boy was sentenced to death

Lian Yong a graduate from Peking University killed an 11 years old boy to show his anger of dumping by his girlfriend, losing jobs and failure in the Judicial Examination. His was sentenced to death.

Lian Yong is the only boy in his family, he got the Law Bachelor’s Degree in Peking University after hard working and after then start an undertaking in Beijing. He was charged as kidnapping, abusing and killing an 11 years old boy, after covered his body, the cruel murder blackmail the boy’s parents 150,000 Yuan. 

The murder never talk about his case during the trial, while the victim’s mother cried and shouted why the crazy murder killed her innocent child, and the murder never can pay for it.

Source:  People’s Daily Online

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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