Democracy Debunked: US Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Arrested

While President Obama and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney engaged in a nationwide televised presidential debate, the candidate of the Green Party, Jill Stein was arrested for disturbing the traffic when she protested the fact that only the candidates of the Democrats and of the Republicans have the privilege to take part in the debate.

The public spectacle has once and for all debunked the myth about Democracy in the nation that has ambitions to export its brand of democracy throughout the world.

No, I have not misunderstood anything, and probably, neither have you. Presidential candidate Jill Stein was not unable to attend the presidential debate because she was stuck in traffic.

She was arrested for obstructing the traffic because she protested against the fact that time and time again, at US-American presidential elections, only the candidates of the Democrats and the Republicans are invited to take part in the nationwide televised debate.

The fact that a presidential candidate is not granted the equal amount of television time as any of his or her competitors would be a scandal in most European and many other democracies.

Watching Jill Stein having to protest could make foreign observers shrug their shoulders and that would be it. That is, if the USA was a so-called Banana Republic, but it is not.

To the contrary, it is a nation with the declared goal to achieve global, full spectrum dominance. Seeing Jill Stein manhandled by stone-faced police officers with sunglasses begins to raise warning flags about a repetition of the not so distant European experience with Fascism in the USA.

From the perspective of the foreign observer of the US-American presidential elections, which by any standard always have been shrouded in myth and mystifying intrigues, yesterday’s arrest of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has once and for all debunked the myth of Freedom of Speech, Democracy, Equality and Justice in the United States of America.

While the majority of US citizens are likely to be too mesmerized by the grand show and charade, to challenged by cognitive dissonance when making the choice between plague and cholera, too dumbstruck by the grand standing and Narcissism to be affected by a  minor distraction such as the arrest of a presidential candidate, the average foreign observer is most likely not surprised, but realize the inherent dangers of the US-Brand of freedom, democracy and justice to their nations.

At a 1997 Harvard conference of more than 120 scholars from over 100 nations which in modo-colonialist jargon comprise much of the third world, agreed that the ruling elites of these countries perceived the United States as the single greatest threat to their societies.

While the majority of so-called third world nations did not perceive the USA as a direct military threat, they perceived it as a menace to their integrity, prosperity, autonomy, and freedom of action. They perceived the USA as intrusive, interventionist, hegemonic, exploitative, hypocritical and as applying double standards.

Most likely a far greater percentage of the members of the political elites of so-called third world countries would today also perceive the USA as a military threat.

With the onset of the so-called war on terror, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the illegal war that is being waged against Syria, and countless other US involvements in military operations world wide since 2001, the USA is in fact today generally perceived as the single greatest threat to worldwide security, peace and self-determination.

While a decade of drone attacks, the blowing of brides and grooms at Pakistani wedding parties by CIA´s Gameboy Killers at Langley all could be marketed under “exporting Freedom and Democracy” the arrest of Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein for protesting against being excluded from the nationwide televised choice between the plague and cholera should once and for all have debunked the bunk that the USA has any democracy that it possibly could export.


Dr. Christof Lehmann, nsnbc


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