US CIA’s Alleged “Color Revolution” Efforts Around the WORLD

The agency relied on American cyber dominance to stir unrest across the globe, two Chinese internet security entities have claimed

The CIA has been attempting to foment “color revolutions” around the world for decades, with its efforts making use of a vast arsenal of technical means, a report by two Chinese cybersecurity entities has claimed.

The document was compiled by China’s National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and cybersecurity company 360, and was released by the Global Times on Thursday.

It alleges that Washington’s tech advantage allowed it to hold sway over institutions and individuals across the globe that use US-made digital equipment or software.

According to the report, the CIA has attempted to overthrow governments in at least 50 states, with the 2014 Maidan coup in Ukraine, the 2014 ‘Sunflower Revolution’ in Taiwan, and the 2009 ‘Green Revolution’ in Iran allegedly among the most notable examples.

In many cases, America’s technological edge granted Washington unprecedented possibilities to execute its plans for regime change, the report claims. It adds that the CIA relies on methods including “48 advanced cyber weapons.”

China names cyberattack culprit

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China names cyberattack culprit

The cyber tools are said to involve encrypted network communication services such as US-developed TOR technology to help protesters keep in touch with one another while steering clear of government surveillance.

Another method is based on providing on-site command tools for mass protests which use wireless communications.

The report claims that the RAND Corporation, a US-based military think tank, has developed a tech tool called ‘swarming’ which is used by activists to swiftly gather in one place.

Protesters are also said to rely on US-developed software named ‘Riot’, which provides them with a secure and independent internet connection and is not based on traditional access methods.

Meanwhile, a so-called ‘anti-censorship’ system created directly by the US State Department has received more than $30 million of investment, the report claims.

Citing research from Chinese cybersecurity company 360, the Global Times alleged in March of last year that the US National Security Agency (NSA) was behind cyberattacks on 47 countries.

While the Chinese government, research and financial institutions were reportedly the main targets, the NSA was also said to have mounted operations against allies such as the UK and Germany.



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