Chinese Red Cross response on microblog

Chinese Red Cross opened Sina Weibo yesterday afternoon, and wrote four posts aroud 7:30 last night, with three describes the history of international Red Cross and Chinese Red Cross and one responses cyber-friends’ questions on Guo Meimei.

At now, the last microblog was forwarded 22,070 times and reached more than 47,597 comments.

However, almost all of the comments condemned Chinese Red Cross.

The fourth post was about Wang Rupeng,the secretary of Chinese Red Cross, answered the cyber-friends’ thirteen questions on Guo Meimei, which involved Guo Meimei event, the commercial system of Red Cross, Red Cross audit event, the special identity of Red Cross and its management and other issues.

In the article, Wang said that Guo Meimei event is good and also bad for Chinese Red Cross. The bad thing is her show off their wealth, her fabricate the name and institution of Red Cross. The good thing is that the Red Cross could see the issues of the Red Cross, according to this event, such as organization, business development, and fund raising and project operation and so on.

Wang hoped the public and media reasonably treated Guo Meimei event, and in constructively way contributed to the development of Chinese Red Cross.

Source: Sina Weibo

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