Chinese official calls for more language, culture exchanges with foreign countries

Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong has called for more communications in language and culture among the people in China and foreign countries.

Chinese official calls for more language, culture exchanges with foreign countries

Liu made the remarks during a meeting with the contestants of the 10th “Chinese Bridge” competition, an international Chinese proficiency competition for foreign college students, which opened Saturday in Changsha, capital of central Hunan Province.

The “Chinese Bridge” competition has attracted over 100,000 college students from more than 70 countries over the past ten years, and contestants have improved their Chinese language, experienced the Chinese culture and established deep friendship with others during the competition, Liu said.

She said that language is a tool for cultural communications, and linguistic learning and exchanges can promote the mankind’s civilization and progress in a broader reach.

“The Chinese government always encourages the public, especially the youths, to learn foreign languages, and through the learning, they are enlightened on the diversified cultures around the world,” she said.

“This also helps promote the good-will exchanges and cooperation among the Chinese and foreign peoples,” she added.

Liu said the Chinese government is also making efforts to meet the needs of foreign people to learn the Chinese language. She called on foreign young students to improve their Chinese proficiency and to use the Chinese language as a bridge to fell a real China in a comprehensive way.

She expressed her hope that the foreign students will spread the good will and sincerity of the Chinese people to other parts of the world, in order to promote the joint efforts for the peace and prosperity of the world.


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