Chinese netizens’ reaction to Western Allies’ Libya strike – as imperialistic invasion

Chinese netizens’ reaction to Western allies’ barrage in Libya seems to be overwhelmingly negative, referring it as imperialistic invasion,

interference of the internal affairs of Libya, and going after the oil. The quotes cited below are only a sample and meant to show you a glimpse of what netizens in China say about the news. However, seen from several polls from Sina Weibo and Global Times, people’s reaction to the strike is mixed.

Nestizens’ reactions on Tianya, China’s biggest and most dynamic BBS. The news has over 28 pages of comments on Tianya.

Who gives France to right to invade Libya?


If you violently interfere with other nations’ internal affairs, you will face the judgement day soon, like Japan.


U.S, U.K., France, Italy and Canada. A few more and they can make up a new Eight Power Allied Forces (or, Eight-Nation Alliance, who invaded China in 1900)


A new colonization era starts.


Another example showing mighty power is the king. War can be so near us. We need to develop our military power, economic power and overall national power.


Is the alliance organized by the UN? Why they strike Libya? This is so sad.


Colonialism never dies.


Wish for a peaceful world.


The UN is but a puppy in the hands of Western powers. And China does nothing unless something is directly related to China’s national interest.


This is how I understand why Western countries pay so much attention to Libya. They don’t really care about civilian casualties. What they care about is to support opposition force to overthrow Qaddfai and to build a government that listens to Western powers.


No matter how authoritarian the ruling government is, foreign interference is out of the question, just like the situation of the Eight-Nation Alliance. These Western powers interfere for their own interests, not the interests of the Libya people.


Civilization, democracy, freedom. All bullshit. It is all about national interest.


Qaddfai failed and pulled the Libya people into tragedy.


Why don’t we participate the allies, too, and also have a share of the African pie.


A lot of countries in Africa have civil wars, large scale genocides. Why don’t these Western countries give a damn? Because those countries have no oil. But Qaddfai has, a lot of them, plus he doesn’t listen to the Western powers, and here comes his result.


Air strike, come and see! Authoritarian nation vs democracies.


What is the use of UN? This world makes people feel disgusting.


I don’t care who is right and who is wrong because I don’t have all the information. Common sense is that who has the largest supporters, who is right. But look at Libya. Why Qaddfai has so many supporters if he is authoritarian? Why opposition force has such an advantage in the beginning if he is not? We say Libya has no democracy, but Libya people have affordable housing, education and healthcare. Who can say it is a bad government? My only thought is that Western allies use the excuse of “democracy, freedom and justice” to seek interests of their own at the cost of Libya people.


Netizens’ reaction on Sina Weibo. There are over 15 thousands of tweets with the tag of #Libya~air strike~Qaddfai#

People say Western allies are going after the oil. They can strike anytime they want if it is for oil. Can’t people tell right from wrong? The biggest reason is Qaddfai attacked his own people who don’t support him.


Will Libya be the next Iraq?


Western countries finally decided to strike Libya. They don’t like Qaddfai for a long time. After recession, none of these countries experienced satisfactory rebound. A millitory action will shift the focus of their own people and bring new possibilities of economic growth. And, of course, there is oil.


I am for the Libya people to solve their own problems. France and U.K bullying another country together for their own interests can only bring more disaster to Libya people.



Global Times


Sina Weibo



  3 Responses to “Chinese netizens’ reaction to Western Allies’

  Libya strike – the imperialistic invasion”

1. Tom says:

March 22, 2011 at 12:45 am

So interesting that China has hid the fact that it could have prevented these airstrikes. Instead China has allowed them to happen to allow them to further the narrative of western colonialism.


*  Alia says:

March 22, 2011 at 2:41 am

It is not actually hid. People are well aware that China didn’t vote against it. Thing is the Chinese people are so used to China neither vote for or against anything at UN….


2. Hao Hao Report says:

March 21, 2011 at 7:49 pm

Someone thinks this story is fantastic…

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