London Olympics: China’s Success and Sour Grapes: A Reflection of the West’s Racist Arrogance

Would it be acceptable to label as a serial paedophile the “Olympic coach” who insinuated that China’s star swimmer Ye Shiwen, 16 uses performance drugs to achieve her fantastic times?

Without a shred of evidence, no it would not. Then let us call this “coach” a foul-mouthed, rude, pig-headed bigot and congratulate the Chinese team.

The disgusting remarks by the “US Olympic coach” (where else?) that Ye’s performance was “suspicious and disturbing” were backed up by lackey boys in the western media with obedient lapdog behaviour, asking how Ye Shiwen had such an unbelievable last 50 metres of the 400 metres Women’s Swimming medley.

The disparaging remark, backed up by a question.



No affirmations, true, but the poison has already laced the drink and the honour of the Chinese Olympic team and Ye Shiwen herself have been placed in question.

By pig-headed guttersnipes.

The sheer pig-headed ignorance of those who gather like school playground bullies, envious of the success of a new kid on the block, reflects the racist arrogance a few decades back when a black person seen driving a nice car was labelled a drugs dealer.

For a start, when you make disparaging insinuations like that, you have to back them up with evidence and the Chinese Olympic Team has very strict rules on doping, like any other. Or else STFU!

Secondly, all medals winners at Olympic events are automatically tested for doping. Suppose the answer for Ye’s success was hard work, individual talent and dedication to her country and her sport?

And what is wrong with the USA and UK today, as they go gallivanting around the globe supporting terrorist groups, training terrorists at home and sending them into countries like Libya and Syria, supporting proscribed groups on their own lists of terrorist organizations?

Where is the decency, where are the morals, where is the moral higher ground? Where is the graciousness, where is the sportsmanship, where are the congratulations, where is that handshake?

Remember the Soviet Union’s Lyudmila Tourishcheva when she walked round the podium to shake the hand of the Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci after the Women’s Gymnastics finals in the 1976 Olympic Games?

What a difference!

And now we are speaking about sportsmanship and the Olympic Games, as these countries like to speak so much about togetherness and welcoming the members of the international community to practise sport bathed by the Olympic Spirit, then let us hold them to account to practise what they preach.

No more false flag events to spark colour revolutions in sovereign states, no more demonising governments overseas, no more interference in the internal affairs of countries by sponsoring terrorist groups.

If the Olympic spirit is worth the paper it is written on, then let us extend this spirit to our international relations after the Games and let each Olympic event honour the commitment to these ideals every four years as our boys and girls come together in friendship to play. Commitment not only on the playing fields, but in our everyday lives.

Why do I feel that these words are welcomed by so many in the international community, yet with a hypocritical scowl by Washington and her poodles?

Why is it that some people sit so righteously in church praying the Our Father, preaching forgiveness and brotherly relations and the second they get outside in the street, kick the nearest beggar in the groin?

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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