China’s road to a green economy

The United Nations’ Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) composed of 192 governments plus the European Union convened at Nagoya Japan to discuss a new 20-point plan that would lay out ways for each government to conserve and benefit from the planet’s natural resources equitably. The last 10 years have seen all the countries’ failure to make good on their promised share of responsibilities.

As the plans are being set for the next ten years, hopes are high as to an efficient reduction of pollution in the universe. In some countries discussions have been held on the need to cut pollution. China is one of such countries and has already begun the long march towards cutting carbon emission.

China had promised to cut its 2005 carbon emission target by 40-45 percent by 2020 and the country is greatly committed to reaching this target. Propelled by a strong economy, China is now a leading producer of solar energy and is also going to finish building the world’s largest offshore wind farm by 2020. The massive project has received $2.2 billion from the Chinese government, who is aiming to build enough wind farms to produce 750 Gigawatts of offshore wind power for China.

China’s march towards green energy sources would enable its economy to be less dependent on coal and transform the country into a self reliant nation in all sectors of its energy production, and push further the efficiency of its industries.

China’s achievements within 10 years of its formal entry into the international market through following its inclusion into the WTO, give no doubts that the Champion of the East will rise to the occasion and deliver on its promise to shift from a carbon powered economy to a sustainable turbine propelled economic glide.

The following questions and answers go further to show China’s ability to go green against all odds.

Who has had the most phenomenal rise in the entire world economic history? China!

Which country flattened the economic crisis in 2008 in the most dramatic fashion with a flurry of tough fiscal decisions and partly saved the U.S and the world from a complete financial meltdown? China!

Who just recently saved Greece and the rest of Europe from an economic disaster with its delivered promise of economic investments? China!

Who will be the first to rise to the occasion and meet the pleas of Mother Nature to go green? China!

China?! Yes, though the answers to the first three questions are quite obvious, it is the irony of ironies that the answer to the fourth question remains to be China.

* Alfred-Charles Co (许有泉) is an international reporter at M4 Media

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