China’s Foreign Minister: “Permanent Members Must Follow Security Council Framework”



China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, says the Syria issue should be dealt with under the framework of the UN Security Council.

Wang stressed China’s stance in a telephone call to US Secretary of State John Kerry, while accompanying Chinese President Xi Jinping in a state visit to Uzbekistan.

Wang says the international community should abide by two principles on the Syria issue — adhering to the basic norms of international relations and rejecting any use of chemical weapons.

He says the issue should be brought back to the framework of the Security Council, where relevant parties can seek consensus and formulate a proper approach.

Wang says China and the US should take the lead in upholding the UN Charter and give full play to the Security Council’s role in safeguarding international peace and security.

The Chinese foreign minister reiterated China’s opposition to the use of external force in solving internal conflicts, and urged relevant countries to think twice about military action against Syria.

China and the US agreed to maintain communication on the issue.



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