China’s concepts enrich the world

“The 21st century should be marked by peace, harmony, cooperation and scientific development.” The impressive Sanya Declaration not only solidifies common senses of BRICS countries together, but also brings “scientific development” into international files and becomes common sense and goal of more and more countries.

The concept of “harmony” goes into the world from China, too. In September of 2005, China’s President Hu Jintao explained “Establishing Long Lasting Peace,” “Co-prosperity” and “Harmonious World” comprehensively in UN’s 60th anniversary leader meeting.

And now, the “Harmonious World” has already become a high-frequency phrase in international occasions and leaders’ mouths. Foreign media said the concept of “Harmonious World” cut the distance between China and the world.

As the biggest developing country, China always takes development as its priority. Now, China enters the key period of modernization, and it faces with tremendous pressures and challenges since it is impossible to re-march the traditional industrialization road like western countries ever did.

Therefore, China proceeds on its own green and general preferential track of Scientific Outlook of Development, which is a comprehensive, coordinative and sustainable developing concept based on human being, and also pays attention on economic growth, social progress as well as human being’s development.

The Scientific Outlook of Development runs through China’s long developing schedule, and China is writing down a “China Story” about developing economy, changing people’s life and protecting environment.

Lately, a report released by Pew Charitable Trusts says China led the world last year with a $54.4-billion investment in clean technology, about 40% higher than third-placed America.

“Yet compared to the US, China seems to have a clearer sense of direction, greater flexibility and a willingness to move.” The Guardian said in its report.

And South Korean media thought China cutting the economic growth could mean great policy changing – “It is a kind of change from quantity to quality, and improving people’s livelihood will become the focus of development.”

The pattern and concept of Scientific Outlook of Development not only embodies China’s clear-head and courage, but also shows its foresight and sense of responsibility to human being and future.

All the difficulties and conflicts appear amid China’s development, such as relative lower GDP per capita, “gold content” of economic growth and social developing level, exist more or less in other BRICS nations, so it is natural for BRICS nations to learn mutually and share their developing concepts when they meet same problems.

The international discourse power is one of the most important characters of one country’s soft power, and it indicates one country’s attraction and influence. During the process of China’s melting into the world, China’s role is changing from a stander-by to one of the builders to international system, and China attains much more opportunities to tell its concepts to the whole world.

(Source: People’s Daily)

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