China’s Accomplishments: A Short List of Recent

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China’s enormous progress and success in innovation are often overlooked by the international media who tend to produce reports about trade, currencies or politics, or sometimes rush to criticise the small failings that exist in every country.

We are all aware of China’s production of low-cost consumer goods, but few of us may be aware of the increasingly large volume of very high-quality luxury items or high-tech achievements, to say nothing of major engineering accomplishments.

We hear about China’s high-speed trains, but little about their new series of commercial aircraft that will soon be competing with Boeing and Airbus.

China is following an unusual and very rapid development path that is unique to this country.

It may also have escaped our attention that these current achievements are not sudden, but have developed from a deliberate plan that has been in execution for the past three decades. It is only during the past five years that many of these efforts are bearing fruit.

You may enjoy reading about China’s high-speed train system. Here is a link to an article with plenty of information and photos: Click Here.

Here is a short list of recent accomplishments:

China has:

Put men into space

Designed and started construction of its own space station

Is completing its own GPS Satellite System

Has the world’s fastest trains and the largest HSR track network

Built the world’s largest dam

-The world’s longest bridges

-The most undersea tunnels

-Built two series of commercial aircraft that now compete with Boeing

-Designed and built two fully electric aircraft now on sale in the US

-Designed and built a series of 4-passenger flying boats

-Designed and built the world’s second-deepest submersible

-Designed and built the world’s fastest computer – 1.5 times faster than the Jaguar in the US – due to a Chinese-designed O/S

-Had an increase in GNP of 10% p.a. for 30 years

-Brought 400 million people out of poverty in only 30 years

-Created what is already the world’s largest middle class

-Created the largest (and best-funded) banks in the world

-Become the second-largest economy in the world (soon to be first)

-Surpassed Japan for the number of patents issued annually

-Been leading the world in cat-scan technology

-Been leading the world in DNA mapping and synthesising

-Leads the world in green energy technology – all home-grown

-Leads the world in electric car and battery technology

-Become the biggest market in the world for luxury goods

-Become the largest auto market in the world

-Leads the world in laser eye surgery and cornea transplants

-Has the highest number of English-speaking people in the world

According to PEW Research, 86% of the population happy with their government and economic system, compared to 23% for the US

According to the Edelmann Institute, 88% of Chinese trust their government, compared to less than 40% for the US

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