China’s 4.2m security guards to wear new uniforms

BEIJING – The Ministry of Public Security announced Tuesday that the country’s security guards, totaling 4.2 million, will start putting on a new type of uniform and badge, beginning late this month.

The new uniform, known as the “2011 Pattern Security Uniform,” was designed to make it easier for the public to recognize security personnel, said Yang Qi, deputy director of the ministry’s Security Administration and vice president of the China Security Association.

Yang told a conference on the new uniform held by the ministry that adopting the new uniform is expected to further accelerate the standardization, regularization and professionalization of the security personnel in the country.

In 1984, China’s first security service company was set up in Shenzhen, the country’s first special economic zone, and as of December 2010, the country had a total of 2,966 security service firms.

In addition to these specialized security companies, many government units, companies and institutions also run their own security departments and employ a number of security personnel by themselves. However, all these security guards have to wear the same new uniform, according to the official.

Source: China Daily

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