China: US-made Jasmine Revolution’s ultimate target


US seem determined to apply some of its most destabilizing tactics to China. Last Sunday,Feb. 20, it, with operation code name, “Jasmine Revolution”(JR), attempted to apparently revive the so-called “1989 democracy movement” throughout China but failed.

The so-called “anonymous campaign organizers who are behind the JR,” according to AFP report, plan to do it every Sunday afternoon throughout China’s major cities. Of course, being “anonymous” here means most likely CIA secret agents and the likes.

On Feb. 27, they attempted it again. But failed, too! However, this time the failure became more apparent. After two consecutive failures in two weeks row, AFP reports, they seem became desperate. So instead they went on with media campaign to demonize China.

This time they even didn’t hide what they intend to do through “online campaign.” They claim they want to “press Chinese government” or “highlight public anger with the government.” Why “press government”? What “public anger”? Is it really so? Or again fabricate to demonize?   

By “pressing government or highlighting anger with the government,” do they not intend to destabilize Chinese society or disrupt its economic development? Aren’t these goals their real ends? Or aren’t they daydreaming the so-close to “regime change” moment in 1989?

So, according to their weekly plan, they called for another demonstration on March 6. This means outside forces, i.e., foreign powers such as US and the likes publicly mobilize a sovereign nation’s ordinary citizens to “walk for change.” What sort of “change”?  

“Change” for Chinese failures in its economic development, social order, political unity? “Change” for furthering income gap and political corruption? Or “change” for some convenient rational for US interference or military intervention as they do now in Libya?

However, no matter how they argue, it’s a clear violation of universal law and principle in international relations which prohibits interference in other’s internal affairs. So they try to deceive the world again through “covert actions” such as “JR,” though its tactics are very “overt.”

Their tactics seem cunning, deceptive as usual. They call JR a “noble movement.” Is it really so? However, it’s hardly true. Instead, it’s clearly a political sabotage using hi-tech communication tools as its “soft power” strategy, like in Arab region. How hypocritical and self-righteous it is!

As said, they even advised those prospective, if there is any, Chinese participants “not to take any overt” but covert action. Why? Aren’t they proud what they are doing? Or is it because they try to hide their real ends? So they are even trying to direct them how to “walk.”

They direct them walk “subtle” like “strolling demonstration.” This is exactly one of the basic know-hows in their textbook-directed tactics and strategies, as prescribed in a US-based so-called “democracy, human rights, non-violent NGO,” Albert Einstein Institute.[1]

AEI is known a “non-profit NGO,” claiming work for “democracy and freedom” through “nonviolent methods in conflicts.” However, its real mission is for its actively clandestine involvements in US “regime change” operations around the world including China, as it was in 1989.

AEI seems to have taken active roles in an unknown number of US-sponsored “regime change” operations for years. National Endowment for Democracy(NED),[2] Freedom House are no exceptions. All of them are deeply involved with Dalai Lama, Liu Xiaobo, etc. as well.

As America’s imperial power reaches the whole globe, their operation range, manpower, money, and outreach are global and immense, too. There is no doubt they must have been deeply involved in Arab revolutions throughout Middle Eastern and North African region.

If so, then, aren’t they also present in China’s JR? Aren’t those “anonymous organizers” the same AEI, NED, FH people? Many experts don’t hesitate to say “YES!” and to charge they are the most serious lethal weapon in America’s “regime change” operations.

They called “protesters” in China “innocent people.” They also believe the “development of the Chinese Jasmine Revolution” will not stop. In history, it’s been unprecedented yet any imperial powers have ever voluntarily given up their “imperial ambitions”!

America’s destabilization tactic is well-known in its “regime change” strategy. Within two months period, this “regime change” mission was successfully carried out in two of its client nations in Arab world, i.e., first in Tunisia and then in Egypt. Who’s next?

At the moment, Libya seems to stand in line to be the next, though yet unknown. There seems  a “massive information war against Libya for US/West military intervention” going on, as was persuasively argued in today’s 4th Media Editorial Column.   

However, it’s apparent US simultaneously tries to find its next target in Asia, its could-be ultimate target as its most formidable competitor. If so, it could be seemingly one of America’s greatest mistakes it has ever known before. For US strategists believe it should be China.

At present, the US-made “Jasmine Revolution” as its colonial “divide-and-conquer” strategy to bring about “regime change” takes place not only in US puppet regimes but also in most defiant anti-imperialist, self-determined, independent nations such as China, DPRK, Iran, etc.



[1] From AEI’s website, the following excerpt is what they claim in paper. However, their real activities are mostly, if not all, to deeply involve with US government’s strategic operations [by nature, clandestine, deceptive, and hypocritical] such as “regime change” in a number of sovereign nations around the globe including China:

“The Albert Einstein Institution is a nonprofit organization advancing the study and use of strategic nonviolent action in conflicts throughout the world. We are committed to the defense of freedom, democracy, and the reduction of political violence through the use of nonviolent action.”

[2] From NED’s Activities and allegations: “NED regularly provides funding to opposition candidates in elections in countries other than the USA. According to Allen Weinstein, one of the founders of NED, “A lot of what we [NED] do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA


Dr. Kiyul Chung is Editor-in-chief at the 4th Media and also Visiting Professor at Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication in Beijing, China.

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