China to release key data early to avoid leaks

China will release its politically sensitive inflation data on Saturday – six days ahead of schedule – to avoid the figures being leaked to the public, the government said on Thursday.

China to release key data early to avoid leaks

The consumer price index and producer price index, along with a raft of other key economic data for June, the second quarter and first half of the year, were originally due to be released on July 15.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said it wants to release the figures ‘within 24 hours of their compilation’ to avoid the potentially market-moving information being announced ahead of time.

‘Reducing the time gap between the compilation of the figures and their release will help lower the risks of them being leaked before the announcement,’ the NBS said in a statement.

‘Authorities have also reduced the number of people who have access to the ‘confidential information’, it added.

Figures for gross domestic product, industrial production, fixed-asset investment and retail sales will be released on Wednesday, two days ahead of schedule, the NBS said.


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