China sets up security checkpoint before Heixiazi Island opens

Public security and border defense authorities of northeast Heilongjiang Province officially set up a checkpoint for the new tourism destination of Heixiazi Island on Tuesday, a day before it opens to tourists.

According to local authorities, all persons and vehicles of construction enterprises and tour groups will be inspected at the checkpoint, and persons or vehicles without permission are strictly prohibited from coming to the island.

Travel agencies and construction enterprises must show proper name lists and provide the personal information for every tourist and worker applying for landing permission.

The Fuyuan Border Defense Brigade is responsible for receiving applications for landing and issuing permits.

Luo Yunhong, political commissar of Fuyuan Border Defense Brigade, said that fishing is prohibited on the island, and authorities will be vigilant on crime prevention and illegal exploitation.

The western half of the 335-square-km island of Heixiazi belongs to China while the other half belongs to Russia.

China and Russia unveiled boundary markers on the island in 2008 and agreed to jointly develop the island into an eco-tourism zone in November 2010.

Song Xibin, director of the provincial development and reform commission, said that ecological protection will be the top priority in the island’s development.

Heixiazi Island will open on Wednesday on a trial basis.

Source: Xinhua

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