China not affected so far by radiation

The nuclear radiation from Japan is not expected to affect China in the immediate future, according to weather experts.

Meteorological authorities say the radioactive substances won’t pose a threat in the next three days after being diluted as they will be diluted in the atmosphere over the ocean and any rainfall would also reduce the impact. Rainy weather was forecast across the Japanese regions damaged by the quake. Tokyo is expected to be cloudy and see showers throughout Wednesday.

In Sendai and Fukushima, rain and snow are predicted during both Wednesday and Thursday. China’s Nuclear Safety Administration has said the country is still unaffected by the radioactive leaks. The Ministry of Environmental Protection began nationwide radiation monitoring on March 12 and will report any abnormal activity to the public. Meanwhile Taiwan’s leader, Ma Ying-jeou has urged every precaution to prevent radioactive leakage from nuclear power plants on the island.

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