China, Netherlands eye on more bilateral cooperation

The Sino-Dutch economic relationship developed “very fast” in recent years and both sides eye on more cooperation, vice minister of Ministry of Commerce, Zhong Shan, said here on Thursday.

China, Netherlands eye on more bilateral cooperation

“We have noticed an acceleration of Chinese companies investing in the Netherlands,” Zhong told Henk Bleker, Minister for Agriculture and Foreign Trade, during the 15th edition of the Sino-Dutch Joint Committee.

Goal of the joint event was a bilateral meeting with the two ministers and the exchange of views and trade strategies. Topics were the expansion of two-way investments and the increase of the import Dutch high-tech products and knowledge importation to the Chinese market.

Over 2,000 Dutch companies are operating on the Chinese market while many Chinese companies are now investing in the Netherlands, according to the Dutch side.

“The Netherlands has a great infrastructure and is a logistic gateway to the rest of Europe and the world. Chinese companies are more than welcome to invest and trade here,” Bleker said.


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