China executes two former vice-mayors for bribery

China executed two former vice-mayors from two booming eastern cities for taking millions of dollars in bribes, the Supreme Court and state media said on Tuesday, as the government strives to show it is being tough on graft.

China executes two former vice-mayors for bribery

Xu Maiyong, the former vice-mayor of Hangzhou, and Jiang Renjie, the former vice-mayor of Suzhou, were executed in the morning, the court said in a brief statement on its website (

Xu was convicted of bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power, while Jiang was convicted of bribery, the official Xinhua news agency added.

Chinese media has previously reported that the two took bribes worth more than 100 million yuan ($15.4 million) in connection with real estate projects.

China’s ruling Communist Party has repeatedly vowed to stamp out official corruption, a key source of public discontent as the rapidly growing economy gives senior officials opportunities to use their power for private gain.

China sacked Shanghai’s powerful Communist Party boss in 2007 and the Railways Minister earlier this year.

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