China, EU hold human-rights dialogue in Beijing

China and the European Union (EU) exchanged in-depth views on human-rights issues during the 30th round of the EU-China Dialogue on Human Rights in Beijing.

The two-day dialogue that began Thursday was co-chaired by Chen Xu, director-general of the Department of International Organizations and Conferences of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, and Jim Moran, director for Asia at the European External Action Service of the EU.

China and the EU introduced the latest progress they have made in human rights and exchanged extensive and in-depth views on issues such as cooperation on international human rights, minority rights, and rule of law, according to a statement from the Foreign Ministry.

At the dialogue, China introduced the new measures it has adopted and the new achievements it has obtained in enhancing the rule of law and other areas, such as improving people’s livelihoods, completing the social security system, and promoting the comprehensive and sustainable development of the regions inhabited by minority groups, the statement said.

China reiterated its principle of governing the country in accordance with law and stressed that judical authorities should handle cases according to law.

China said only by conforming to the spirit of equality and mutual respect, can the human-rights dialogue yield positive results.

The EU, for its part, introduced the situation of its member states regarding the protection of ethnic minorities.

Both parties said the “frank and in-depth” dialogue enhanced mutual understanding, the statement said.

The EU said it hopes the next round of human-rights dialogue will be held in Europe in the second half of this year. China said it will consider the EU proposal.

Source: Xinhua


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