China calls on international community to create safe environment for children

China Tuesday called on the international community to create a safe and favorable environment for the healthy development of children.

China calls on international community to create safe environment for children

Wang Min, deputy permanent representative of the Chinese Mission to the UN made the remarks at a Security Council open debate on children and armed conflict, where the 15-member body unanimously adopted resolution 1998, the latest in a a series of resolutions on this topic in recent years.

Wang told the Council that China attached utmost importance to protection of children affected by armed conflict, rejected recruitment and use of child soldiers, as well as other acts of violating the rights of the child in armed conflict.

“To ensure that the children affected by armed conflict are protected against harm, the question must be tackled from the root causes. More attention should be given to prevention, control and elimination of armed conflict,” he said.

“China calls on the Security Council to effectively implement its primary responsibility of maintaining international peace and security, strengthen preventive diplomacy, encourage and support peaceful settlement of disputes through means as mediation and dialogues so as to create a safe and favorable environment for healthy development of the child,” Wang said.

Wang pointed out that since armed conflicts are results of various reasons, measures of protecting children should be established for each particular situation. “There should not be a one way that can fit all,” he said. “Sanctions remain as the last resort for the Council to address situations that pose a threat to international peace and security. China has always advocated caution in adopting sanctions,” Wang noted.

Concerning the long-term impact of armed conflicts on children, Wang called for comprehensive measures to be adopted to help children affected by armed conflicts to return to society and resume their normal life.

“In this regard, the international community should provide sufficient resources, increase development assistance, redouble their efforts in poverty eradication, universal education and promoting sustainable development,” Wang added.


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