China-based solar wafer firms hope to recruit in Taiwan

The fast-growing market for renewable energy has prompted China-based firms to attract Taiwan’s specialists to work in China. The solar market has been growing rapidly in China with the government’s help, as it hopes to achieve its goal of forming the world’s largest supply chain. Taiwan has many experienced engineers and professionals who have been targeted by China-based firms for recruitment.

China-based solar wafer firms hope to recruit in Taiwan

Demand for LED products began to grow rapidly in 2010 causing many solar wafer firms in China and Taiwan to enter the market. Taiwan-based firms such as Sino-American Silicon and San Chih Semiconductor both began production of sapphire substrates in 2010. China-based firms such as GCL-Poly and LDK have been trying to vertically integrate LED production.

Many Taiwanese personnel have been employed by China’s leading firms such as Trina Solar. From technical teams to management staff, Taiwanese personnel have been making significant contributions to the success of Trina Solar in the global solar industry.

According to industry sources, many workers in Taiwan moved to China-based firms in the first quarter of 2011. Even when demand began to weaken in the second quarter, workers in Taiwan continued to switch to China-based firms. The main reason being that the large potential of China’s domestic market has caused many firms to expand capacity.

As solar wafer makers shift focus to LED products, another wave of recruitment of workers from Taiwan will likely occur.


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