BREXIT – An Agent for Hope?

This is the transcript of an interview with Alex Knyazev from Russia TV24.

The occasion is the recent UK Parliament’s go-ahead for BREXIT – despite the massive pressure to reserve the people’s democratic choice. Today’s terror act on London’s Westminster bridge that left so far four people dead and many injured, may be another false flag to show the Brits that terror is everywhere and that they are better off staying within the confines of the protective EU. – My god! The protective EU. The destructive and genocidal EU! – Just look what they are doing to Greece.

Question Russia TV24

What does Brexit mean in terms of globalization?

PK: Brexit is a clear sign that globalization doesn’t work. The common people have not only NOT benefitted from ‘globalization’ – as they were purported to have done – but, to the contrary, they have suffered, some people tremendously – famine, more corporate monopolies that destroyed local farming and businesses – especially those in poor developing countries – and they continue to suffer throughout the world.

The Brits have had the courage to voice their discontent in a referendum last June which run against their government’s policy – as the UK – as a perfect vassal of Washington’s, as well as a mole for the US within the European Union – has always been a staunch supporter of globalization. The people have felt differently. And the government so distant of the people, hasn’t noticed it. This is the case in many other European countries.

The people of the UK who voted BREXIT – against the EU – are representative for the majority of people in the rest of Europe. If a similar referendum would be held today in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Hungary – and many more EU countries – the outcome would be similar. According to different polls, between 60% and 80% of the European people – not their puppet governments, but the people – would vote to get out of the EU and out of the Euro.

Russia TV24: What challenges might face the British economy after Brexit?

PK: I think the hype, that the British economy will suffer from BREXIT, is just pure anti-BREXIT propaganda, largely driven by Washington and Brussels. Of course, BREXIT might inspire other countries to do likewise. Such lie-propaganda that the British economy will suffer, should intimidate other potential independence seekers. As we have seen, since the BREXIT vote, after an initial slump, the stock market recovered rapidly and today is as strong as always. And the anti-EU movements within Europe, Eurext, have rapidly proliferated.

At the very most, but not for sure at all, there might be some initial setbacks for the UK economy, when the actual separation takes place. But that only because Brussels wants to show its rubber teeth, indicating to other countries not to do likewise. But in the medium and definitely long run BREXIT is a clear winner for the British economy and the British people. The Brits will be free to enter into trade agreements with whomever they want and at whatever terms they sovereignly negotiate – without interference from Brussels.

In fact, the UK will be able to negotiate separately with each EU country trade and other bilateral or international business or intellectual exchange agreements. Switzerland, not a member of the EU, is the best example for this. Switzerland has currently more than 120 bilateral agreements with the EU and members of the EU – which makes her a de facto EU member, though de jure she is not, and maintains her full sovereignty.

None of the EU members have kept their sovereignty, not politically, nor in terms of monetary policy. The latter is a tremendous drawback, as we see today – the Euro is obviously not sustainable; which for most serious economists was clear from the get-go. You cannot have a common currency for a group of countries that are not even united with a common constitution, let alone with common political goals and a common foreign policy agenda. There is no solidarity among EU countries – Greece is a case in point.

Russia TV24: How might it influence the relations with China who was thought to be interested in Britain being in the EU? Some English experts say industry might be damaged because of trade tariffs.

PK: As far as I can see, not being a EU member will not interfere in any way with the UK’s relation with China. Quite to the contrary. Once BREXIT is completed, the Brits are free to make their own deals with China. First moves in this direction, I understand, have already been initiated through China’s President Xi. Let’s not forget, China represents not only the People’s Republic of China, but the entire Shanghai Cooperation Organization, or SCO, which includes also Russia, Iran, most of Eurasia, the Central Asian countries (former Soviet Republics), as well as soon also India and Pakistan. This represents half the world’s population, and more than one third of the world’s GDP.

In addition, there is OBOR – the huge One Belt – One Road project – also called the New Silk Road initiative by China’s President Xi Jinping. This is one gigantic economic development belt for at least the next century – covering infrastructure for transport by land and sea, telecommunication, energy, agricultural and industrial development – as well as cutting edge research projects and emerging, interconnected university-type education schemes. OBOR aims at linking Vladivostok with Lisbon and Shanghai with Hamburg – and everything in between. The East is where the future lays, at least for the coming 100 years or more. The west is passé. Self-destroyed by wars for greed and power. Not recoverable. Not in the foreseeable, nor in the distant future.

The UK is now at least in theory free to join President’s Xi’s invitation to Europe – actually presented to Madame Merkel some three years ago – to join the New Silk Road initiative. Washington vassals Germany and the EU don’t dare to orient themselves East – yet. But the time will come when there is no alternative, because the west with its corrupt economy, fraudulent dollar based monetary system has no future. A constant drive for wars and conflicts – an economy built on death and destruction – has clearly and fortunately no future.

Britain will now be free to join OBOR, if they so decide – and if they dare to pull loose from the fangs of Washington. Maybe by doing that, they could also inspire the rest of Europe to follow. – So – I can see only positive consequences for Britain’s exit from the European Union, Of course, they still need perseverance, a lot of it, because from now to then, there are many hurdles, many opposing forces, who still want to reverse the BREXIT vote. But the major decisions even within the British Parliament, have already been taken. So, it’s merely a matter of time.

Russia TV24: How would the [UK] living standards be changed?

PK: Considering the above – not at all. In fact, we have seen since BREXIT, as mentioned before, a quick recovery of the stock market, after an initial free fall. Let’s face it, these security moves are all speculative, carried out by banksters to make extra profit. So, they are no indication actually on how well or how badly an economy functions. In the case of the UK its clear – Britain is doing very well.

As far as living standards are concerned, they will most likely improve, simply because the Brits will no longer have to deal with Brussels’ rules and regulations. They will follow their own, thereby saving a lot of unnecessary costs. Such savings plus a less bureaucratic life for everybody, would certainly tend to increase living standards.

Russia TV24: How will the EU experience Brexit? Some experts say that financial centers as Frankfurt, Paris or even Madrid might strengthen their positions, whereas London might lose. What do you think?

PK: First, I believe the EU will not survive much longer, with or without BREXIT.
Second, as long as she, the EU, teeters along, the financial centers, Paris, Frankfurt and Madrid will remain what they are – or maybe even lose out to a free London. Remember, the financial center London has existed long before the EU, and it is run by the Rothschild et al clan – always has. They will not let go. To the contrary, as a free – as in free from Brussels’ dictate, financial center – London may pick up steam and get closer to Asia – the Asian up-and coming market of economic growth, as discussed before through OBOR and related investment requirements.

As long as the UK seizes the opportunity breaking free of the corrupt and incompetent apparatus in Brussels, London will remain an important financial hub for the world. Possibly even THE financial hub of the west, of those in the west who want to get closer to the EAST – and her axis of economic development potential.

Russia TV24: What is your view on the Scottish referendum, what are the chances that it will happen?

PK: There is no doubt in my mind that the Scottish referendum will happen. In fact, a few days ago, the Scottish PM, Nicola Sturgeon, announced that she will seek through the Scottish Parliament the procedures for the referendum to break loose from the UK; a referendum to take place in late 2018, or early 2019.

On the occasion of the BREXIT vote in June 2016, Scotland voted with 62% to remain in the EU, while as a whole 54% of Brits decided for BREXIT. This, possibly a majority of Scots believe will destabilize Scotland, therefore it would be better to seek independence from the UK, and possibly independent adherence to the EU.

Will the Scottish people vote yes in such a repeat-referendum this time? In 2014, the Scots voted 55% against 45% to stay with the UK. The situation has now changed. So, it’s entirely possible that the vote of a future referendum may also change.

In these turbulent times, between now and the fall of 2018 or Spring of 2019, earliest dates foreseen for such a referendum – a lot can happen. There will be crucial elections this year in France and Germany – and possibly even Italy. – Will these upcoming elections change the face and fate of the EU? – And if so, how? – All of that may affect a Scottish referendum. If there is no longer a EU to apply to – what then? Might it then be politically and economically more advantageous to continue as a part of the UK, help the UK to become stronger in her new role as an independent and fully sovereign country – possibly orienting herself gradually towards east?

Russia TV24: What would be the consequences for Britain, Scotland and the EU in case Scotland votes to stay with the EU?

PK: Not so fast. First the referendum would not be to stay or not to stay in the EU, but to stay or not to stay with the UK. Only once this issue has been resolved, and the Scotts would indeed choose to become independent from the UK, only then could they seek membership with the EU. Such terms would then have to be separately negotiated with Brussels.

It’s way too early to say what would happen if —-. The dynamics can go in many directions. Even in case the Scots would decide to split form the UK, the terms of the EU – in case it then still exists – may not be at all favorable to Scotland. So even then, Scotland could easily decide to also stay independent and carry on with sovereign bilateral trade deals with her partners of choice.

The bottom line of BREXIT and the consequences is that a clear sign is being sent to the world that a large majority of people are tired of what is called Globalization and for which a New World Order is being prepared, i.e. a One World Order – or One Government, gradually but firmly doing away with all the cultural riches and differences between countries, seeking a boring uniformity à la Anglo-Saxon non-culture.

This should definitely not happen. And the signals are clear that it won’t.


Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 4th Media (China), TeleSUR, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.


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